Saturday, March 31, 2007

Not necessarily the news

One of my pet peeves about both the network and cable news channels, which I'm sure is a pet peeve of many concerned people, is the lack of real news on any of these shows. What passes for the news in the United States is pitiful.

When returning from other countries I am always struck by the fact that our news stations are so limited in their scope and play up so many trivial things while people die and wars go on elsewhere.

In that spirit, the wonderful creators of JibJab have come out with a new video mocking the media and making this very point. Check it out here:



Joey Infortuno said...

Nice post and thanks for the link! -- JibJab Team

42yrold said...

OH YOU ARE SO RIGHT - have you ever WATCHED fox news? it's pathetic. Local cable news called the lastest rainstorm in san diego a VICIOUS storm. Sensationalist Hacks - they should be embarassed.

Part and parcel to what passes for "news" in some local papers. It's so trite. !!

Mauigirl said...

My pleasure, Joey - always love the JibJab stuff!

Figlet, you are right, Fox News is pathetic. I can't even watch it. And yes, even the newspapers are going downhill with this stuff, and the "news radio" station I listen to actually announces as part of the news headlines, who won on American Idol the night before. American Idol is not part of the news, for heaven's sakes!

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