Sunday, March 04, 2007

My husband's complaint

I let him read my blog and he said "What's with this DH? Who's DH?" I said, "DH is you, Honey." He said, "What am I, the Designated Hitter?!"

I had to explain it meant "Dear Husband." He was only somewhat mollified. So I asked him if he wanted a different name. He said why not just call him "Big ____" (fill in real name of husband here). I said because then he wouldn't be anonymous. I assume he wants to be anonymous. Since he has not come up with a better anonymous name, he will continue to be DH.

If anyone has any other suggestions, they will be welcome!


RUTH said...

I must admit I thought DH were his initials! I'd often thought...I wonder if his middle name is Oswald because then he'd be DOH! (you can tell I watch the Simpsons with the grandchildren)

Mauigirl said...

No such luck, that would have been funny! His middle name is actually John. I could call him Big John I guess!

Icarus said...

Madame Mauigirl, i know this is a bit late, but I only just read it and I have to say it's the funniest post I've read in quite while! It's really sweet and at the same time, perfectly plausible, because I know a lot of bloggerseem to experience this kind of dense space between themselves and their uncomprehending nearest & dearest.