Saturday, March 31, 2007

Changing my image!

In looking at my site meter I noticed people were coming into my blog through the image I had saved on my profile, which I want to say once again was not my own picture! (A beautiful Hawaiian girl with flowers in her hair.)

Since I found the picture using Google Images on the internet, I was getting concerned that it might be a copyrighted image. So I decided to be bold and put a real picture of me on the beach in Maui instead.

So as of today, this is the new - and real - me! Note that I am suitably attired in a bathing suit but hiding behind the tree branch to avoid too much exposure in the picture!


RUTH said...

I think the real you is every bit as lovely! In fact I feel so much better now knowing that you to may have "bits" you like to hide!

Mauigirl said...

Thanks, Ruth! Believe me, there are lots of "bits" to hide on me!

Baba said...

You look better than me in a bathing suit!!Great view of the ocean. Mine is up. Baba

Mauigirl said...

Thanks, Baba! ;-) That tree trunk hides a lot! LOL! And you'll note it's from a discreet distance!

Liz Hinds said...

Much better than the stereotype image! Real women, real beauty. Well done for being brave.

Looks like a wonderful beach, and - I'm not being rude! - I really do like the tree! I love old bent branches.

Yesterday Husband was looking at a map and he said, 'here's the place for you!' and he pointed to Old Deer Park. It's a good job I love him!

Mauigirl said...

Liz, would you believe that tree used to be alive when we first started going to Maui? Each time we came back it was losing more of its leaves until there is only the branch left, looking more like driftwood every day. I have pictures of me by that tree dating back 20 years!