Sunday, March 11, 2007

T'is a Fine Day for the Irish!

Yes, I know St. Patrick's Day isn't actually until next weekend. But for us, the celebration starts the weekend before, when the West Orange St. Patrick's Day Parade is held.

DH and I went with our friend Angela and her daughter, along with Diva, to enjoy the parade, as is the tradition. Usually we're a larger group but this year some of our crowd were busy doing other things. DH forgot to bring his camera so I nicked this picture off the web, and it actually depicts a parade from a couple of years ago. Thankfully, no snow today - and lots of sun and warm-ish weather.

Diva behaved admirably. She lay down peacefully on a blanket and watched as the parade passed by. No crying, no barking (except occasionally at another dog going by). The bagpipes left her impervious and she even took a nap for a short time!

After a few Irish coffees in our kitchen, we are off now to the Shillelagh Club to enjoy our favorite Irish band, Paddy and the Pale Boys (

More on St. Patrick's Day as the week unfolds!


RUTH said...

Bet you'll have a great time. The Irish certainly know how to enjoy themselves

Icarus said...

Hi, this might seem entirely inapposite, but I have to tell you that because of the photo, a bell rang in my head. Nothing to do with the Irish community (and yes, indeed, THE greatest party-doers in the general region of Gt Britain!). It's this...I remeber spending a couple of nights staying with friends in West Orange in January 1975. "So what?" I hear you say....well, it meant a lot to me at the time, and it had been buried under so many other stops on the travels over the decades! The Wald family ring any bells , Maui?

Mauigirl said...

Sad to say I don't know the Wald family, but what a coincidence that you spent time in West Orange in 1975! It is truly a small world!