Saturday, March 31, 2007


Did you ever have a week that just flew by and yet at the same time seemed to last forever? That was this week.

Between work (way too many meetings plus some actual stuff that had to get done in between) and after-work activities, I have had very little time to do anything else. But finally it is Friday and after a morning full of meetings, two of us went out to lunch with a former employee and took a long lunch at, appropriately, TGI Friday's. It was the first time in weeks that I hadn't eaten at my desk.

When I arrived home, Diva greeted me as usual with her waggy tail and then proceeded to bark demandingly (her favorite tone of voice) until I gave her a biscuit. We have discovered these new biscuits at our local pet food store that she absolutely adores. I don't know what is in them but she goes nuts for them: Holistix.

We feed her food by the same company and it's the best food we've found for her. She likes it and it really agrees with her better than other foods. But these biscuits were a whole new dimension of dog biscuit for her when we brought them home the first time. She actually could not sleep the first night they were in the house. She got off the bed and ran downstairs to the kitchen and was running all over sniffing the air trying to figure out where I had left them. I had to finally take them out of the kitchen and move them to a cupboard in the pantry so she'd stop thinking about them. She must be able to smell them all the way upstairs. Talk about your favorite snack calling to you!

Tonight DH and I went out with our friends to unwind, to a local bar that has been in the same place forever and is known for their excellent cheeseburgers. So we had a totally decadent meal of wonderful medium-rare cheeseburgers, fries and onion rings fried in grease that had been in use "since the Hoover Administration" as DH said; but weren't greasy, just tasty.

Sometimes I just have to have a meal like that, even though afterward the guilt sets in and I start wondering whether I should get some Lipitor and keep it on hand like an antidote to take afterwards!

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RUTH said...

Although I'm a "home cooking" sort of person I do love a bit of "junk" food sometimes!!!! especially cheeseburgers!!!