Sunday, March 25, 2007

Thinking Blogger Awards!

My cyber-friend Ruth, who has several blogs, including Me, My Life, My Garden (with wonderful pictures of her English garden), and There Are a Million Stories in the Naked City (which talks about her daily experiences caring for her husband Mick), picked my blog "out of the hat" as one of her "Thinking Blogger Awardees." Many thanks, Ruth! I would return the favor but I know you were already awarded the Thinking Blog Award by the gals at Women on the Verge, who author the blog Did we say that out loud?

Now it is my job to pick five blogs that "make me think."

So here goes, in no particular order:

1. Lawyerish - I always enjoy reading Lawyerish's posts; she is a faithful poster who lives in New York City and, obviously, is a lawyer. Her posts range from daily experiences to her tales of the bureaucracy surrounding adoption, and commentary on various subjects of interest.
2. Wonderland - Weekly commentary on current events (both serious and humorous) by the wonderful Alice Bradley, whose personal blog, finslippy, is also a favorite of mine.
3. Crazy Aunt Purl - While she sometimes focuses on her experiences with her stitching/knitting group (hence the name Purl) she also covers many other topics and experiences, both serious and humorous, and includes a lot of great pictures, including those of her very photogenic cats.
4. Jonniker - another very prolific poster who ranges over a variety of topics, always interesting, sometimes hysterically funny.
5. Time and a Word - Gorgeous photographs of Lisbon often coupled with commentary about the state of the world.

So, congratulations to the Thinking Bloggers! Actually all of the blogs I read are written by wonderful, "thinking bloggers." This blogging universe is so fascinating - the way people are able to get their ideas out into the world and people from all over read them. It lets anyone be a writer if they want to be and know that their ideas are getting out there. It's truly a wonderful cyberworld!


RUTH said...

I know Time and a word well; the others are new to me; shall pay them a visit.

Jonniker said...

Thank you! I'm completely flattered and afraid of what I may make you think about. Menstrual solutions, perhaps. My God. Thank you! Thank you!

Icarus said...

I am now reiterating what I wrote you above. Honoured, I feel really humble, honest! Many thanks.
Do we also have to nominate 5? And must they be different from yours? We don't have to attend a gala awards ceremony, do we? This blogger's starting to think about what to wear....

crazyauntpurl said...

Gosh, thank you! I'm afraid that I do make people sometimes think at length about cat poop and so on, but I do try to get a laugh out of it.

Jonniker's blog is one of my fave's too!!! I am off now to click on your other links also :)