Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New website to generate fake diseases? Genius!

Yahoo News reports that someone has invented a website that generates new diseases that sound real, but aren't. As a hypochondriac, I can truly appreciate the genius of this website!

The site also tells you how to get rich from inventing the disease and then coming up with cures for it. Check it out...here's the article:

Tucson, Ariz. (PRWeb) March 6, 2007 -- An online tool published today allows users to instantly generate fictitious disease names and descriptions based on terminology commonly used in describing psychiatric or behavioral disorders. The "Disease Mongering Engine" is available at http://www.newstarget.com/Disease-Mongering-Engine.asp and randomly generates diseases, disorders and syndromes that sound real, but aren't.

The engine, created by author and natural health guru Mike Adams, is intended as a parody of conventional medicine and the over-diagnosis of Americans with fictitious diseases. "Drug companies actually invent fictitious diseases, then profit by selling drugs to treat those fictitious conditions," Adams explained. By using an online software engine to generate disease names and descriptions that seem real, Adams hopes to demonstrate that just because a disease name sounds real doesn't mean it is.

The Disease Mongering Engine can generate more than 73,000 unique disorders, syndromes and dysfunctions. Each one is accompanied by unique description, along with universal instructions for "getting filthy rich" by marketing the fictitious disease and selling FDA-approved pharmaceuticals to treat it.

The page also features several related cartoons from the CounterThink cartoon series -- a popular independent cartoon series featuring powerful commentary on medicine, health and the environment. The featured cartoon is titled, "Disease Mongers, Inc." and depicts a scene in a company that invents fictitious diseases for a living. See the cartoon at http://www.newstarget.com/021665.html

Some of the diseases created by the Disease Mongering Engine include Pathological Nervous Anticipation Disorder (PNAD), Hypoactive Disorganized Stress Syndrome (HDSS) and Delusional Antisocial Personality Syndrome (DAPS). To generate more fictitious diseases, visit: www.NewsTarget.com/Disease-Mongering-Engine.asp

About the source: NewsTarget.com (http://www.NewsTarget.com) is one of the most popular independent natural health news sources on the web. It features more than 21,000 free articles, downloadable reports, interviews, product reviews, videos and cartoons on topics that impact the health and happiness of consumers around the world.



RUTH said...

What a fantastic idea.....I wonder how long before someone cries off work withone of these fictitious diseases?

Mauigirl said...

I may be the first! (just kidding!)