Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Haiku

My last post inspired several comments about how important it is for us to continue to try to make a difference, and to keep thinking of ways to solve our country's problems. I certainly agree with that, make no mistake! I am just glad that we finally are going to have a competent administration that may actually know what they're doing - and is willing to listen to our ideas, for that matter.

So tonight I thought I'd do some haiku with that theme.

When Bush was in charge
He hired incompetent hacks
And useless cronies

When Katrina hit
New Orleans was in trouble
The Feds did nothing.

Bush gave to the rich
And took away from the poor
No more middle class.

But that's all over;
Barack Obama's in charge
It's a brand new day.

It won't be easy
The stock market is tanking
We're in a hard time.

People are worried
About their jobs and houses
Who can they turn to?

Barack Obama!
A president with brain power
Just what we needed!

His judgment is good,
His hires are all competent
He'll get the job done.

He wants our ideas
You can go to Change-dot-gov
Tell him what you think.

Supreme Court judges
Are another good reason
We all love Barack.

He may appoint three
What a difference that could make
Thank God they held on.

We all now have hope
That things can be different
Obama is here.


Christopher said...

Most excellent work!!!

Fran said...

Damn! You are good.

Loving your haiku as always - this is particularly excellent.

Anonymous said...

Your brilliant haikus are the cats' MEOW!

You have inspired us;
We shall now think in meter
To be as profound

Mauigirl said...

Thanks all, glad you enjoyed them!

Catsworking, that's a lovely haiku - well done!

Anonymous said...

You know how much of a fan I am of structured poetry. Thanks for sharing these. I'm sorry I didn't catch them sooner.