Friday, November 07, 2008

Day # 3 of the New America

Building on yesterday's post, I'd like to share a quotation a friend sent me that I thought was very appropriate:

"Rosa sat, so Martin could walk.
Martin walked, so Obama could run.
Obama ran, so our children could fly."

and now, some haiku - I'm too tired to write much today! But since it's NaBloPoMo, I MUST BLOG.

Palin is fading
And McCain is lying low
Obama takes charge.

"Still-President Bush"
As Jon Stewart likes to say
Keeps a low profile.

Rahm Emanuel
Is appointed chief of staff;

Is this good or bad?

My take on Emanuel? I think he's a savvy politician, he's someone Obama knows well and feels comfortable with, and he knows his way around Washington. Some have been critical of the choice, since it may not seem much like a change from politics as usual.

But make no mistake, Obama won this election not just because of his message of change. He is also a very good politician. And you know what? Sometimes you need to be a good politician to get things accomplished. That's how Lyndon Johnson got the Civil Rights Act passed. And that's why Carter wasn't so good as a President - he wasn't political enough.

I believe in Obama. I think he can balance politics with idealism and get things done in a practical way. He won't please all of the people all of the time but I think he will be a great leader.


Anonymous said...

Don't you wish Bush would just resign? Just step aside, get out of the way, and let Obama get to work. The man is ready to go. Time's a wastin!

Randal Graves said...

Chimpy cutting brush,
his future activities
instead of jail.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I have pretty much the same take on Rahm Emmanuel. You need a hard-nosed, get-things-done kind of person to be White House chief of staff. And no doubt about it, Rahm Emmanuel is a savvy kind of guy. I've seen him often on Chicago Tonight on PBS, and he will be a great asset in helping Obama get things done.

Anonymous said...

i'm very happy for you and your country. :)

it really is sad though to see that bush is trying to ram through a few more initiatives before he leaves, which would be detrimental to the environment among others. :(

Anonymous said...

You're right about President Carter. He was a nice guy and did some good stuff as President. But when you tell tell Americans "STFU, you whiny babies," you don't garner too many votes.