Thursday, November 13, 2008

Haiku Thursday and some lighter fare

Hat tip to Sue J for reminding me that I'd been meaning to post some of the funny key word searches that managed to lead some unfortunate blog readers to my site. (Check hers out, she's got some good ones).

In looking at my recent key word searches, these are the more interesting ones I saw pop up:

-fake diseases
-messiness is a sign of genius
(lots of people are looking for signs that messiness is a sign of genius - I guess we messy people are trying to justify our existence).
-obama boomer (Apparently I'm not the only one who noted that Obama IS a Baby Boomer)
-charmin lint commercial
-blogs on communication differences in males and females

-scary woodpecker poems (Scary woodpecker poems?! I know there's a scary bird poem by Edgar Allen Poe - but it's about ravens...)
-what does armistice mean?
-i fucked my mother-in-law (!!!)
-lebanese restaurant in potsdam
-palin wilderness nixonland
(A scary location)
-obama bush cousin cape cod (Obama has a cousin who's related to Bush and lives on Cape Cod?)
-pot boys democracy lyrics (Are Pot Boys a singing group? I'm so old)
-messiness and the state of mind (there's that messy thing again)
-marry late or never (Not bad advice for many)
-crabtree texas tech blowjob
-use disillusioning in a sentence ("I often find politics disillusioning." How's that?)
-palin maverick hard haiku
-lieberman wildlife chairman palin
-cat's eye, explaining the art
-youtude video barick obama (With spelling like that I don't think they got much from that search)

OK, now what to do with these? I know, I'll write haiku based on some of them!

No fake diseases
Ever really bother me
The real ones do, though.

Never fear you slobs
Messiness is a virtue
And a sign of brains

He may not claim it
But Obama's a Boomer
There is no escape.

Charmin is squishy
Leaves no lint on your hiney
So lovely to squeeze.

I prefer haiku
To scary woodpecker poems;
Maybe a sonnet.

This I ask of you
What does armistice mean?
Peace: lay down your arms.

Unlike Oedipus
I fucked my mother-in-law
So it's all OK.

Shall we meet again
At that Lebanese restaurant
Over in Potsdam?
(yes, the middle line had too many syllables. Too bad.)

It's a fearful day
In the Palin wilderness
Here in Nixonland.

Messiness alone
Does not really indicate
True insanity.

Who really cares if
You marry late or never
It's your life to live.

Under the crabtree
At his college, Texas Tech
Bill had a blowjob.

It isn't that hard
"Palin's not a maverick"
There! It's a haiku.

Looking at my cat
The artfulness of his eyes
They shine green at night.

Thus ends Haiku Thursday.

Tomorrow is another day of NaBloPoMo. We're almost halfway through November...


Anonymous said...

Obama was born during the post-WWII boom in births, but he is certainly not part of the Baby Boom Generation, as he has emphatically contended himself for years. He is part of Generation Jones, between Boom & X. If you haven't seen this page, it's worth taking a look at:

Mauigirl said...

Yes, a few others have mentioned Generation Jones, which would be where Obama fits. But the original definition of Baby Boomers includes those born up until 1964. Apparently since those younger Boomers didn't feel they fit with the older Boomers, this new subgroup was invented. I'm not denying he's Generation Jones, but the years defining Generation Jones were originally a part of the Baby Boom definition.

Christopher said...

i fucked my mother-in-law

It's the end of the world!

Sue J said...

Those are great -- and nicely done with the Haiku!

Randal Graves said...

HA! Genius haiku, and they weren't the least bit messy.

The only woodpecker I can think of is Woody Woodpecker. I know I'm getting old, but I don't recall that show being all that frightening.

Comrade Kevin said...

Messiness is a sign of messiness.

Anonymous said...

AND you turned it into haiku! That is awesome.

Odessa said...

ohmygod, i'm dying!!! "i fucked my mother-in-law" has got to be the best! WTF?!

lvoe the haikus. and thanks for making me LOL. now my friends think i'm crazy :)

Odessa said...

p.s. sorry for the typo. i meant "love" the haikus. my fingers are too fast!