Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The beautiful thing about having declared that haikus would be my theme for NaBloPoMo (no matter how sporadically I have actually included them in my posts) is, that when I have no time or energy to write a real post, I can resort to haiku! So here we are. Haiku Monday!

Back to work again
Meetings and e-mails galore;
It's all just a drag.

No time for the Times
Not even the Star Ledger
No paper - no news.

Book club was tonight
The book was "The Double Bind"
Good twist at the end.

Leftover turkey
Potatoes, yams and gravy
And still more is left.

I could still go on
But it's time to go to sleep
The dog is snoring.


TomCat said...

Leave it to a dawg to mess up a good night's sleep!

Fran said...

Oh you are good sister, you are so damn good!!

FreakyNick said...

Your day in Haiku
It does count as a real post
Very amusing

Mauigirl said...

Nick, good haiku there!

Thanks, Fran!

Tomcat, actually my cat AND dog both mess up my sleep! They wedge me in between them in bed so I can't move!

TomCat said...

Easy soultion. Don't allow the dawg on the bed. ;-)

Mauigirl said...

I'm sure my cat would agree with that solution! He finds the dog HIGHLY offensive in every way!