Friday, November 16, 2007

Aging Baby Boomers and Other Amusements

A friend of mine at work forwarded me a link to a very funny animation about "Aging Baby Boomers" by cartoonist Walt Handelsman today (for a hint as to the contents, there is music involved: "Born to be Wild" with new, more appropriate lyrics for our generation). I received the link at work and, because I was in a mood not to care whether people heard me goofing off in my cube, I played it, and got a good laugh out of it. So be warned, it has music, rather loud music, so be careful where you play it, but it's very funny...and yet sadly true.

I happen to be one of the "Aging Baby Boomers" everyone keeps talking and writing about. And I find it kind of depressing that our generation has gone from being the youth of America, the hope of the being the "Aging Baby Boomers" who are about to land with a thud in the retirement years and bankrupt Social Security. Maybe I'm just oversensitive, being in the market research field, where demographics are something that come up often in my daily job.

There are so many articles cropping up everywhere about the Boomers, either saying we're going to "reinvent old age" because we are refusing to give in to it, or, conversely, saying that the country is about to be overwhelmed with the unhealthy Aging Boomers who are not taking care of their health, are obese and developing all the age-related health problems that every older generation gets, and more, and that we're not saving enough for a) retirement, and/or b) our health expenses in old age.

I kind of like the "reinventing old age" idea better than the "Your decrepitness is going to bankrupt the country" idea.

Now that we're getting older, there is apparently resentment growing on the part of the younger generations. Rhea over at The Boomer Chronicles had a post awhile back on how hostile these groups are to my beloved generation. There are actually blogs out there with titles like "Die Boomer Die" and "The Worst Generation Ever." I guess they're tired of hearing about the Aging Baby Boomers too. They should be careful what they wish for: once we're gone, the media will focus on THEM!

I discovered some other very entertaining animations on the Walt Handelsman site. For instance, here is an entertaining little ditty about Hillary and Obama. I'm sure she probably does feel this way.

The last one I'll leave you with is this one, "The Political Reality Show," where America's top contenders fight for a chance to live in the White House.

Sorry I can't actually post the animations directly in the blog but please follow the links, they're worth following!


Today's Haiku:

Tonight was Thai food
Spicy and delectable
No diet tonight.

Dietwise my week has been very poor. Companywise, very good!


FreakyNick said...

Being born right at the tail end of the "boom", I identified more with the Gen-X crowd than the "me me me me" boomers. Frankly, Im ashamed at most of us. I'd rather listen to Nirvana and Pearl Jam than Eagles and Elton John (or Steppenwolf), but now even grunge is considered "oldie music". Yikes, getting old sucks, I don't recommend it.

Anonymous said...

I liked that baby boomer cartoon. Good lyrics.