Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dona Nobis Pacem

"Give us peace."

Today's the day - it's November 7th, the day of the Blog Blast for Peace, started by Mimi Lenox of Mimi Writes. Be sure to go to her site and read the touching story she has written about her Papa - and read last year's too. Both are wonderful and poignant.

Here is my Peace Globe (on which Mimi kindly inscribed my blog's name as I wasn't able to figure out how to add anything to it!).

Mimi has assembled an amazing number of blogs to participate in this Blog Blast, and it is so encouraging to realize how many people believe in the possibility of peace.

With all of the strife in the world; the selfishness, the greed, the hatred, that exist...we sometimes feel that we can never have peace. But if enough people still believe in it, there is always hope.

Thank you, Mimi, for reminding us of that hope!


Instead of a haiku today, I thought I'd post this. It is a song we used to sing in Girl Scouts:

Peace I ask of thee, O river -- peace, peace, peace.
When I learn to live serenely cares will cease.
From the hills I gather courage,
Vision of the day to be,
Strength to lead and faith to follow,
All are given unto me.
Peace I ask of thee, O river -- peace, peace, peace.


S said...

Thanks for the link to Mimi's site. Off to check it out.

FreakyNick said...

If I'd of known, I'd done a peace post, also. I was planning one for next week....

My blog post title is in Latin today (8 Nov), also, but not as good as yours....

Akelamalu said...


Mimi Lenox said...

Mauigirl....Awww....such a lovely post with heartfelt words and sentiment. Full of hope and just enough enthusiasm to spread a little peace around our world. Looks like you're doing a fine job with that.

So lovely to have you in this movement. Thanks for participating. I will be back to visit.

Peace to you and yours.

Unknown said...

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