Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some Festive Scenes for a Sunday

Every year we go to the St. Patrick's Day Parade in nearby West Orange. We usually eat out at the diner on Main Street and then find a spot on the street to put our folding chairs and settle in for the long haul. We always either go with friends or meet up with them there, and we often see people we know in the parade, since many of our own town's officials, firemen, policemen, etc., march in the parade as well.

This year was no exception. We headed out at about 11 a.m., along with DH's dad, and arrived at the diner in plenty of time. We finished up just as the parade was getting under way about 20 minutes down the road, and ensconced ourselves with our friends across the street from the diner, where we proceeded to watch and wave as the parade passed by.

For some reason I feel a need to document every West Orange St. Patrick's Day Parade we have attended, so as usual I had my camera with me. Here are some highlights!

Next on the agenda is an evening at the Shillelagh Club seeing our favorite Irish band, Paddy and the Pale Boys and enjoying some good corned beef.

An early Happy St. Patrick's Day greeting to you all!


Annette said...

How cool.. thanks for sharing that. They have a large parade in Kansas City every year too. I don't go but they usually have it on TeeVee and I watch it there.

themom said...

Great pictures. I'm so glad Baxter covered for you - here - while you enjoyed the day. Have fun tonight.

jmsjoin said...

Today was the parade in Boston too, love it. Just had my corned Beef and green Beer. Good for another year!

Fran said...

Love it! I gre up in Chicago-- they Dye the Rover Green & paint the line down main street GREEN!

I once went to the big parade there- we parked our car & took the subway to the core of downtown.
We got a parking ticket- but appealed it-- Do you mean to say St. Patricks day in Chicago is NOT an official holiday???

The ticket was thrown out!

Might I say you sure have lots of Bagpipe bands in your area... Wow! I love Bagpipes.

Swing by my blog for a special Irish song...


lisahgolden said...

It looks like a great time,Maui! And you got great photos of it. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Comrade Kevin said...

Thanks for the pics! I come from a very Irish family, but we never really celebrated St. Patrick's Day the way some do.

I might add that to one of my traditions.

D.K. Raed said...

Bagpipes, men in kilts, green beer, no surrender -- what's not to like? Happy Padraig's Day!

Mauigirl said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! It's my favorite holiday - no gifts to buy, you don't have to go have dinner with your family (not that that isn't nice on other holidays), no church to go to (unless you're very devout, which I'm not), and lots of music, fun, food and drink with your friends!

Re: all the bagpipers - we get them from all over, there are some from New York, some from Ireland, and of course many local police and firemen have them too, so they're from various towns in our area. I believe the ones from Ireland and New York probably march in all the local parades, culminating in the Big One in NYC.

Lisa Wines said...

Great pics. I love that old blue truck. :-) I spent St. Patrick's day at two Irish pubs here in Paris, and watched my favorite Irishman, Fiachna O'Braonain of the Hothouse Flowers, play a couple of acoustic sets. It was mighty fine. But it was strange to be in two Irish pubs, and all the people that were drinking heavily were either French, or American. It made me long for Ireland. :-)

enigma4ever said...

thank you for celtic soul needed it....

or maybe I just need a man in a Kilt ...LOL...

Mauigirl said...

I've been in an Irish pub in Paris too - I forget the name - it is so funny to find an Irish pub where you least expect it. Glad you were able to share in the spirit of the day!

Enigma, there is nothing like a man in a kilt, with those knee sock things on that make the calves look so brawny! LOL!

Dean Wormer said...

Great pix!

I prefer the highland pipes to those wimpy irish pipes, personally.

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