Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Shhh! Don't say anything, it might jinx it! But we seem to be on an upward trend in the stock market!

Let's hope that's the case, because even though President Obama did not start this recession, the right will use every opportunity to pin it on him if it doesn't end soon. Plus it would be so satisfying if the new administration's efforts start really paying off, to the chagrin of Rush Limbaugh and all the others.

Of course, we can't get overconfident. We're not out of the woods by any means - here is the longer-term picture. And keep in mind that this entire trend is at a new low level only half of what the Dow Jones Index was a year ago.

And now, here are some haiku!

AIG bigwigs
Get millions in bonuses
Everyone is mad.

Senator Grassley
Suggests hari-kiri
Might be a good thing.

Congress is fuming
The President is outraged
Why are they surprised?

Money's coming back
But probably not enough;
They'll tax them instead.

Madoff is in jail
Then they got his auditor;
Now he's out on bail.

The global meltdown
Unmasked a lot of anger
At the very rich.

It may hurt to say,
But we kind of needed this
To come down to earth.

Got rid of some crooks,
And cut back on McMansions,
Made us save some gas.

It will be short-lived
And it won't last forever
But it makes us think.


Anonymous said...

The 'tards will swear that they obstructed the President just enough to allow Chimpy's always-sound economic policies do their magic. There is no winning an argument with a 'tard, ever.

Fran said...

What JR said!

Mnmom said...

Yep, you can't argue with crazy people, or 'tards.

And I agree, we DID kind of need this. A good kick in the pants to our horrid consumerism.

I heard yesterday that new home construction increased sharply everywhere. Any increase from DEAD is a sharp increase.

Randal Graves said...

The problem is, once the economy 'stabilizes', we'll be back to our over-the-top, consumerist ways.

Bring on the soylent green.

Wait, did that stock market tick up? Must've been thanks to those Reagan policies enacted way back post-History's Greatest Monster.

Way to go, Zombie Reagan!

Dr. Zaius said...

Is the stock market going up because President Obama's stimulus plan was ineffectual and it would have gone up anyway, or because President Bush was such a genius? You decide. ;o)

The AIG executives
keep their bonuses
because they're total pricks.

Annette said...

I love your Haiku... You have such a talent..

I struggle just to write what I do..

Comrade Kevin said...

If the Stock Market did rebound considerably, it would make all of the doom-and-gloom hyperbole seem extremely foolish.

Utah Savage said...

You OWN the haiku.

Don't pin all your hopes on the market--these are the assholes that brought us to our knees.

jmsjoin said...

I am pretty annoyed they let Madoff's accountant of 20 years out for a 2 million dollar bail. Probably peanuts good luck getting him back.

The right will and is doing whatever thy can to help Obama fail! They criticize him for what they and Bush did. They criticize him for doing too much and not enough. It makes me sick!

I wish this was the end of this financial mes but knowing the stock market goes up and down before it settles on a direction it has already done that and due to lies sky rocketed.

I still believe this is still just beginning but I hope I am wrong!

Anonymous said...

I doubt the stock market will keep ticking up for long, and this recession is far from over, but I really liked the next to last haiku :)

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Brilliant haiku. Heaven only knows what the market will do.

Kate said...

Love the haiku!

I just keep telling those on the right (and left, for that matter) that this is a wonderful opportunity for our families, communities, and country to do a little "values clarification."

enigma4ever said...

great Haiku...I can barely write my name at this point and you are writing haiku...

keep it up...

Dorothy said...

Let's hope he has thick skin and will ignore all the doom and gloom and just keep doing his job. Things are looking brighter and I'll keep praying.

Dorothy from grammology

Suzi Riot said...

You are the haiku MASTER! :)

Dean Wormer said...

Well said.

Although I'm tired of using the stock market as an economic gauge. It seems to be entirely divorced from the real economy.

I like what Digby said about the bonuses that it's not that the issue is simple enough for the public to understand, it's that the issue is simple enough for our press to understand.

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