Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Haiku Tuesday

Going to New York
As if I were commuting
Makes me very tired.

Two days in a row
I schlepped into the city
One more day to go.

It's fun for a change
Going to a conference
But not for long term.

Today I drove in.
Yesterday I took the train;
Tomorrow, who knows?

Sitting in meetings
No access to internet,
A girl could go mad.

I've learned a few things
And sat through some boring stuff
And eaten too much.

Work will await me
When I'm back at the office
And have to catch up.

My brain is worn out
From getting up earlier
Than I ever do.

No blogging today
But I'll be back very soon
To visit you all!


Seraphine said...

one can see a world in a haiku.
that's not so true about sitting in meetings.

Randal Graves said...

Au contraire. Meetings
offer a view of madness:
corporate living.

Fran said...

Might I suggest you set up a round of *bullshit bingo*... compile a list of corporate buzzwords.

Imagine employees springing to their feet yelling BULLSHIT! Throughout the day. Exhilarating!

You could already be a winner!!!

jmsjoin said...

It will be over soon and you can settle back in to what I hope is a comfortable routine!

giggles said...

Fran! LOL!! I'm IN!!

I always looked at going to NYC as an adventure....if I found cheap/free parking or didn't get hit, I won! (One of my last trips in, I did get dinked....grumble!)

Annette said...

As I said before, I love your Haiku so thanks for sharing..

I hope all is well and you are back from NYC and ready to join us in cyber world again...lol

Unknown said...

I don't do Haiku....but Fran's comment just cracked me the hell up! ;)

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