Sunday, March 01, 2009

Haiku Sunday

I see naked trees
Against the leaden gray skies
Snow is on the way.

The first day of March
We should be entering spring
The groundhog was right.

Six weeks of winter
It's continuing for sure
Up to twelve inches.

I'm sick of winter
Sick of shoveling the snow
And walking on ice.

Tired of winter clothes
Bulky sweaters, shoes and socks;
Give me my flip-flops.

I want to wear shorts
And a comfy loose t-shirt
And sit on my deck.

The dog is barking
She's sick of the winter too
She wants to be out.

We're stuck in the house
Until winter is over
So when will it end?


Comrade Kevin said...

I love winter
it can remain
for months to come


Christopher said...

I soooooooo hear you, Mauigirl.

This winter was the decider for us. We could remain here in the NE and buy a house and put down roots but we just can't see going through it year after year.

I loathe the cold and the snow and ice and the filthy car. Poor Ginger slips on the ice and falls. It's a real nightmare.

So, we're going back to sunny California.

Suzi Riot said...

The dogs love snow
But hate the cold
Spring means bunnies to chase.

The Retired One said...

Yes. That is why we HAD to get into our car and take a trip to Florida!
Sadly, we have to start heading back home to Upper Michigan starting tomorrow. I am depressed. LOL

Annette said...

I hate the was 60 here Thursday 30 Friday and 5 inches of snow and 20 is 30 today and supposed to be back to 70 by weeks end again this week...geeze it is crazy weather time.

Fran said...

Here in Western Oregon, our winters are mostly *liquid*. No shoveling, but heavy rain.
I grew up in the Midwest, and did my share of shoveling. It gets old as the season drags on & loses it's appeal. Much more fun when you are a kid!
My Mom always used to hound me about "bundling up" to go out in the cold & shovel. She had forgotten shoveling snow is aerobic- especially the heavy/wet stuff. If I bundled up, I would overheat.

We get so little of it, it's a treat when it comes to our doorstep here.

Anyway--maybe you can make some snow art....

lisahgolden said...

Mmmm. Flip flops. Yes.