Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Two Down

So, Rudy's gone. He staked it all on Florida and lost. I am not surprised, because from the beginning I couldn't imagine someone like Rudy would be able to stand the national scrutiny needed to become the Republican nominee, given his history in New York and the various skeletons in his closet.

John Edwards, sadly, also dropped out today. While I was not necessarily supporting his candidacy, I did feel he was sincere and had a lot of good ideas. It remains to be seen how his dropping out at this point will affect the other candidates, since he has not yet endorsed either of his opponents.

So, I think this calls for a few haikus:

Farewell to Rudy
His schtick didn't play elsewhere
Only in New York.

Three wives were too much
Nine-Eleven's not enough
What else did he have?

John Edwards is gone
But he won't be forgotten
His cause will live on.

Who will he endorse?
Where will his delegates go?
Time will have to tell.

Four of them are left:
It's Obama and Clinton,
McCain and Romney

Super Tuesday's next
20 states will be voting
It's down to the wire.

This process is wrong
Decisions are made too soon
"Choice" is relative.


Just heard Ralph Nader may run again. Will someone please tell this man to give it a rest? Does he WANT a President McCain?

One more haiku:

Ralph Nader may run.
He didn't learn the lesson.
He's only a spoiler.


Chris Dashiell said...

Is it official on Edwards? That's a damn shame.

Christopher said...

Illinois Dems are quietly discussing Edwards as the Attorney General in an Obama administration.

I think he would be splendid in this capacity.

Restore some honor and dignity to Justice. After Gonzo and Mukasey, the department needs it.

Sue J said...

Ralph Nader really needs to stop doing this. He has legitimate issues to bring to the discussion, but he should have gotten in the race, oh a year ago! All he does now is confuse the liberal voters. I know he hates to be blamed for splitting the ticket, but that is exactly what he does when he comes in this late.

My 2 cents.

Randal Graves said...

Ralph find a drawbridge
knock the worker dude out cold
draw it up and jump.

Mauigirl said...

Yes, unfortunately, it is official. Edwards hasn't endorsed either candidate yet so could make a difference by doing so if he wants to.

I agree, Edwards would be a good AG. I guess he's not interested in VP?

I know, Ralph Nader is really a loose cannon. I used to admire him but now I feel he has a huge ego and although he won't admit it he relishes this role.

Randal, great haiku!

FreakyNick said...

Why the Nader bashing? Makes me sad to see the most competent candidates don't stand a chance next to the MSM darlings.

Both the Republicans and Democrats have failed us, why reward them?

BTW, I do like Obama, but I'm deeply dissappointed in the way the Dems have handled themselves in the House. I don't trust them anymore.

Sue J said...

nick, I actually wish that Nader would mount a serious 3rd party run for the presidency. But when he makes his announcement this late, as he has done the last few cycles, I don't see how it does anything for the cause of a 3rd party.

Dorothy said...

Who knows whats up with this election. I can't imagine who the winner will be for the dems. I sadly sense not much will change as we know when wheels start turning they are hard to stop. The war is so deep rooted now for the people as well as the oil, it would be disastrous if not handled with time and patience. Every man lost, or wounded would be for nothing, and the innocent in the country would easily be prey again for the evil doers.

Our health care, and social security system mired in bureaucracy. Including the lobbyist who at this time seem to have a strong and single serving interest with our politicians.
Its shameful and not going to change in the future. Add to this career politicians and oh, I'm sick just pondering.

What to do, educate our high school and college students to lean, decide and vote.

Our single hope..

My best,
Dorothy from grammology
remember to call your gram

Mauigirl said...

Hi Nick,
It's not that I don't think there could be a much better candidate outside of the 2-party system. The problem is this system is what we are stuck with, and any run by a liberal candidate such as Nader will pull only from the Democrats. There is so much at stake, that although I don't think either side is perfect, I have to support the Democrats in this election because I feel it is our last chance to prevent this country from continuing down the path Bush and his cronies have led us. The Supreme Court is in danger of becoming completely right-wing, gay rights could be set back, women's reproductive rights could be compromised in many ways, and our environment could be ruined completely.

The Democrats are not perfect, they do compromise too much, they may be too pro-corporate...but compared to the other side there is still no comparison.

I would love to see a true progressive, liberal candidate mount a third-party candidacy - but ONLY IF HE OR SHE COULD WIN. And Nader will never win any more than Dennis Kucinich (who I would have voted for in the NJ primary if he were still in the running) could. For one thing, they don't have the money - and without money no third party candidate could ever hope to win.

Even Bloomberg must have decided it was hopeless because he pretty emphatically said he is not running when they asked him most recently.

The system is broken but I don't know how to fix it.

Dorothy, I is a huge mess. I am encouraged that many of Obama's supporters are young people - I'm happy to see them interested in politics at all, so it may be a sign that this younger generation will try to make a difference in this broken process, even if Obama doesn't win.

TomCat said...

Very poetically done, Maui.

I posted an email I received from Edwards this morning. He does not appear ready to endorse, but will support either candidate.

On Nader, I support his positions on many issues, but we have a plurality based system, not a majority based system in general elections in all but two states. Hypothetically, if McCain got 34%, while Nader and Obama got 33% each, McCain would win all the electoral votes for the state. Nader cannot win, but he could cause a GOP win. Have we forgotten that, had Nader not run in 2000, Al Gore would have become President and our nation would have been spares eight years of misery?

Leslie: said...

As your northern neighbour, I'm following as much as I can about your election and its process. But I'm afraid I'm a Hillary fan. I remember when Bill was first elected and I read a lot about the two of them - their education and experience to date, etc. - I thought at the time that she'd be the first woman president of the USA. No, she's not perfect but then neither is Obama. He's too arrogant and cocky for my liking and he was rude rude rude in turning away from Hillary when she went to shake his hand in congratulations when he won SC.

Mauigirl said...

Thanks, Tomcat, glad you liked the poetry! ;-) I agree about Nader - that's the problem with the system. A third-party candidate can only be a spoiler.

Leslie, I was impressed with Hillary in the debate tonight - see my next post on the debate. I thought Obama wasn't cocky either this time. I think they both learned that the bickering and sniping was not helping either of them.

enigma4ever said...

I love Haiku's....
and Rudy- oye...John Amato on Keith tonight said that he looked like a Lost Puppy on the McCain Arnie Endorsement stage today....too funny..

Ralph wants to run ?????omg....nooooooooooooo
( is he a narcisstic tool or what ????)

Distributorcap said...

i guess we dont have rudy to kick around anymore

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