Monday, May 14, 2007

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

In case anyone wonders where I got my blogger name, Mauigirl, at first I believed that I had thought of it myself, but then realized I was probably thinking of a clothing company on Maui, Maui Girl.

I've often shopped at their store in Paia when we're on vacation, so I thought it was only fair that I give them a bit of publicity in my blog! They have great beachwear and casual clothing and I always enjoy going to their store. In fact, I bought my favorite bathing suit there.

So if you're ever on Maui, check out Maui Girl!


RUTH said...

What a great shop; could do with a new swim suit too. Next time I'm in Maui...(well I can dream....)

Icarus said...

Well, i'm glad that's clarified. In the course of my first years in Portugal, I noticed an inevitable revolution taking place. Due to their market dominance in this country, practically all my clothes had Spanish brand names attached. In the trousers department, they cut differently - yes, Girls, Spanish males have clearly different physiognomies to Northern Europeans. Check out those Flamenco guys again, e.g. SeƱor Joaquin Cortes.....No, maybe too extreme an example. Anyway, you gets what you pays for, or you change shape, so it's not a problem anymore. I'm a proper caballero these days! And besides, it's just shorts for the next 5 months from tomorrow - we've been warned that summer arrives with a vengeance.
Oh, Ruth....that Bahamas cruise!!!