Sunday, May 06, 2007

Brand new toes!

That's what it feels like when I get a pedicure! I never did get around to getting one a week or two ago when the weather first turned nice. But I finally did it today.

I have to tell you, I am not the type of person you would think would bother to get pedicures. I'm no fashion plate, and I don't do anything with my fingernails - I keep them cut short, no polish.

But I have ugly feet. Yes, ugly! They are strange looking - my right foot has a bunion, my left foot doesn't. My right foot's second toe is longer than the Big Toe. My feet don't like shoes. They chafe at being encased in shoes all winter and as a result they are full of calluses.

But all summer I revel in the warm weather and wear sandals as much as humanly possible, particularly flip flops. I have a larger collection of flip flops than Imelda Marcus had shoes. (This is why I must move to Hawaii at some point so as to fit in with everyone else, since there that's pretty much what they wear all year).

But, feet - ugly, remember? So in order to feel better about the feet, I started getting regular pedicures in the summer. My feet are still ugly, but they have pretty shiny pink toenails, the calluses have been buffed off and they are now soft and well manicured. I still neglect my fingernails, but my feet are ready for the summer!


RUTH said...

oh I've never had a pedicure; shall have to put it on my things to do before I'm 60 list.

Mauigirl said...

Definitely, Ruth! And a full massage as well if you haven't done that yet!