Friday, October 03, 2008

Let's Hope This Remains Fiction!

A friend sent me this spoof of a movie trailer starring Sarah Palin and what might happen if she became Vice President. Let's hope it remains in the fictional realm.

We attended the local debate party held at a nearby bar/restaurant, along with about 75 other political junkies. 99% were Democrats so most of the cheers were for Biden and chuckles for Palin, but there was a lone guy over by the wall who would clap for her.

Fox Noise was inside with a camera and also outside interviewing people as we were leaving, but I didn't catch the news last night so don't know if we personally were on television.

There have been so many great posts already on people's impressions of Palin that I won't bother to go into detail about how we felt, but basically it seemed as if she was very scripted, just kept steering the replies back to whatever she had memorized, and that Joe Biden did a great job. Sarah Palin beat expectations but that sure wasn't hard. Luckily it seems the independents polled felt Biden won the debate and were not particularly swayed toward the McCain-Palin ticket.

You can go over to Momocrats and see a hilarious flowchart showing how Sarah's thought process must have worked during the debate last night.

We're heading up to the Adirondacks over the weekend and will try to forget the scary possibility of Sarah Palin getting anywhere near the White House.

Weekend is coming
Politics will be on hold
We are escaping.

The bailout has passed
California's going broke
What else will happen?

We'll wait to find out
In the meantime we're driving
Up on the Northway.

The leaves are turning
Up in the Adirondacks
Views will be awesome.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

That's a hilarious flow chart. Take some fall foliage photos, ok?

Anonymous said...

have a great weekend as well. :) i do wonder what will happen this november.

Randal Graves said...

Watch out for the moose
especially if on skates
hard checks really hurt

Enjoy the weekend
politics is poisonous
shame rivers are too

Why Mooselini
set hockey acceptance back
quadrillions of years

Beverly said...

I've been waiting over 20 years to see Joe Biden ~ my hero ~in the White House. I can't imagine anyone more suited to be Vice President. I think Thursday's debate helped show a lot of people why he's The Man. Sarah Palin's a joke, just another money maker for the Religious Right who support the Republicans. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

The louder Pat Buchanan screamed that she was simply magnificent, the more I knew she was not. What a absurd woman she is. Now she is trashing katie couric on fox. McCain is operating now on a take no prisons, scorched earth policy. I hope he enjoys his solitary days in his rocker in Sedona.

Anonymous said...

@beverly: didn't really know anything about biden before this year. but i see that he'll make an excellent vice president, if only the country will choose his ticket.

Tom Harper said...

Funny video, even if it's too close to the truth to be funny.

She talks like some of the people in "Fargo." It was on TV the night before the debate (coincidence?), and all through the debate I kept thinking I was listening to a group of people standing in a snowbank, talking in that Minnesota/North Dakota dialect.

Utah Savage said...

Lucky you.

Fran said...

Vote NO on the blinky winky ticket-- if McCain starts winking at us in the next debate, the TV will fly out the window, like so many fall leaves.

Hope your escape helps you recover!

Deb said...

The upcoming week shall present many opportunities for us bloggers. My question is...When will Sarah Palin be on Meet the Press? She couldn't hold her own on that venue. Does she really think the cutesy wink or thumbs up signal will assist her in winning our hearts? Hell no!

Dorothy said...

enjoy your weekend this stuff will still be here when you return...

Dorothy from grammology

Odessa said...

have a wonderful weekend! and i'm with ruth, would love to see fall pictures of your getaway :)

Comrade Kevin said...

It would have been interesting seeing that.

Instead I had to listen to my grumbly Libertarian father tell me how much he hated Joe Biden.