Thursday, October 23, 2008

Haiku Thursday

We've been having a great week up here in the Adirondacks. The first few days were beautiful and we were able to see a lot of great foliage. We also had the opportunity to clean out our newly-purchased cabin and get it all tidied up and ready to have work done on it.

The fall foliage inspired me to write some haiku to go with the pictures we took! See below...

Hawk gliding above
Quiet lakes and rushing streams
He awaits his prey.

White birches flashing
Through brown oaks and red maples
As chipmunks rustle.

As the trees undress
A bright carpet of yellow
Forms at their bases.

White-tailed deer bounding
And flocks of turkeys roaming
Are there any bears?

Now leaves are falling
Sifting through tangled branches
Against bright blue sky Birds are quiet now
Muted calls filter through trees
Autumn closes in.

Below are a few more pictures we took. This one below is the cottage - really, a house - that we are staying in while working on our cabin. The cabin, as I've mentioned before, is not yet ready to live in - there is no running water (we need to drill a well) and that means no plumbing! So we are spending the week at the same place we stayed a year ago, Sheltered Lakes, which providentially is only a 10-minute drive from our property. Sheltered Lakes has a number of rustic cabins surrounding a beautiful pristine lake (that is the lake you see in the first two pictures above).

Most of the cabins don't have television, but "The White Cottage," as they call it, does have satellite TV, central heat, and all the amenities of home. The one thing it doesn't have is internet access. The only place you can access wi fi is in the parking lot near the office or in the cottages nearest the office. So we spent some time at the parking lot but mostly we just didn't try that hard. Today we are at the laundromat in town, which has internet access!

DH's dad came up for a couple of days and really enjoyed being away, even though it actually snowed while he was here! I think he enjoyed the novelty of snow in October. It didn't stick, though, and today is another beautiful sunny - but cold - day.

Here is some beautiful scenery near the town of Whitehall.

Diva enjoying the sun on the deck at our property:

The inside of our cabin (the one we just bought) now that we've cleaned up the junk that was left lying around:Diva after a long day of sniffing squirrels, chipmunks, deer and who knows what else in the woods:We'll be returning on Saturday and at that time I think I'll have Baxter take over and summarize all of the events of the week. There certainly have been a lot, what with Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama and the news that the GOP spent $150,000 on Sarah Palin's clothes! In fact, I think that little news item deserves a few haiku of its own:

Sarah Palin's clothes
Cost a hundred fifty grand
She's a hockey mom?

Saks Fifth Avenue
And even Neiman Marcus!
What were they thinking?

Caribou Barbie
Has all the accessories
Talk about "elite"!

But hey it's OK!
It all goes to charity!
Just what the poor need!

Heating bills too high?
Here's a Neiman Marcus vest!
That should keep you warm!

Who needs those tax breaks?
Have a thousand dollar skirt!
You'll feel so pretty!

I could go on...but I'll stop now.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, but you outdid yourself on the Palin Haiku. I took the libery of sending it to a few friends.

In comparison, check this out for a real eye opener:

Randal Graves said...

Hot damn, love those shots
take that, minions of summer!
Autumn; where it's at.

Lotta loot for clothes;
can't forecheck in fancy skirts
but can do evil.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Those autumn shots are stunning, and I love your haiku. I think the hawk one was my favorite.

Love the Diva photos as always.

Deb said...

love your photos, but aren't you freezing? ...that comes from the mouth of a transplanted Northern who now lives in the South. Brrrrr

St Edwards Blog said...

This looks so beautiful. Really peaceful and so wonderful. You have work to do, but it will be worth it all to have this escape.

I hope that we can get to meet at some point!!

As always, your blog is pure haiku brilliance!

Odessa said...

love the haikus! and love, love, love the pictures! those leaves are glorious.

Anonymous said...

The tree color is amazing! You know I love when you haiku.

Anonymous said...

Man I am so envious of you and DH. Your place looks really great. I can't wait to see the shots after you're completely settled in. Wow!

Anonymous said...


All your blog's topic were all informative. I learned a lot of things especially in your topics. Thanks for sharing....

Utah Savage said...

You are the queen of Haiku!

Those photographs are gorgeous. How nice to have a get away in such a lovely location.

s. douglas said...

Thought I'd say hello
And see how you are doing
Hoping all is well

D.K. Raed said...

Breathtaking pics. I really covet those red fall colors! Our deciduous trees only get a little pale yellow before the leaves shrivel & die for the winter.

Love Diva laying in the sun with those slitty eyes that mean all is right in her world. Those moments are precious!

Christopher said...

The views of the fall colors from your place are stunning!

I'm glad you have heat. It gets cold up there in the mountains.

Mauigirl said...

Thanks Friend #2! Glad you liked the haiku! And the fact that Obama re-soles his shoes is very telling.

Randal, as always, your haiku replies are awesome!

Ruth, thanks, glad you liked the pictures and haiku!

Hi Deb, yes, it was a bit chilly but most of the days were sunny so not that bad - yet! The day there was a dusting of snow was pretty cold!

St. Edwards, thanks, it really will be a great escape. We hope to have most of the work done by next spring. Glad you enjoy the haiku!

Odessa, glad you liked the pictures - I love autumn and it is great to be able to see so many beautiful leaves!

DCup, I have fun doing them - who knew I'd start writing haiku when I began this blog?? (I owe it all to last November's NaBloPoMo when I had to think of something to write every single day of the month!)

Spartacus, I'm looking forward to that day too! We've already met with a contractor who is going to give us an estimate on a new roof and pine floors inside, etc., so that we can have some of it done before the winter.

Hi Kids, thanks, glad you liked it.

Utah, thanks, we're really happy we finally own the place. The bad part of it is I never like to come home now!

Hi Fairlane, good to see you and what a nice haiku!

D.K., glad you enjoyed seeing them. I know we are lucky here in the northeast, that we get such beautiful colors. We have a friend from Australia who loves coming here in the autumn because they don't get fall foliage "down under."

Hi Christopher, yes, it's really a beautiful area. And yes, the wood stove heats up the place quite nicely! The cabin isn't winterized, though - that's next year's project! We are going to wait till spring to get the well drilled and put in the propane heater, etc.

Fran said...

Oooh beautiful pictures & the cabin looks sweet! Yes uh huh... looks like a great place for a sanity break.

Distributorcap said...

you are hitting the peak season up there... how beautiful.

stay there -- and send pics -- we need all the beauty we can get

Mariamariacuchita said...

Wow. The reflection in the water is so clear...