Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dispatch from Whitehall, NY

We're up in the Adirondacks for the week and, although the place we're staying at is supposed to have wi fi, we haven't managed to connect yet. I'm hoping we'll figure it out today, as I was looking forward to the uninterrupted blogtime!

We were happy to discover the laundry in Whitehall has wi fi so we can sit on the street and steal some internet time!

We closed on our property yesterday - all went well - and we are now the proud owners of 6.6 acres of woods, pond and cabin in the Adirondacks! We are now in the process of sprucing up the place and hope to get a few estimates on some work we need done while we're up here this week.

The foliage is beautiful and I'll be posting some pictures after we download them.

In the meantime I'm feeling panicky, not knowing what the daily polls are doing and missing out on all of your great commentary.

I did happen to read Adirondack Musing today, where there is a great post pointing out that the so-called projector that McCain keeps ranting about is actually to replace an obsolete sky projection system for the Chicago Adler Planetarium - something that will benefit everyone, since people from all over come to this planetarium. Given the hole the U.S. is in compared to other countries in terms of scientific knowledge (and the increasing desire on the part of right wing fundamentalists to teach non-scientific ideas like creationism) it is important to continue to support educational institutions such as planetariums.

I wish Obama had called McCain on this during the debate - I thought he did a very good job of explaining McCain's outrageous lies about his associations with ACORN and Ayers, and definitely seemed calmer and more presidential than McCain. But this one "projector" earmark that McCain loves to bring up annoys me and I wish Obama had pointed out that it's not the kind of projector you use for PowerPoint presentations but a very high tech, scientific machine and that its use is worthwhile. But of course probably anybody who supports McCain would think this was a waste of money too - after all, these are the people who think anyone with brains and an ability to speak coherently is a member of the "elite" and not "one of them."

That's my two cents for the day - off to our cabin to do some more work!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new property Mauigirl. May you enjoy it in good health.

Dave Dubya said...

The Adler Planetarium is part of what makes Chicago great. McNasty does not get it.

Why don't the Republicans just come out and declare they are at war with education?

Enjpy your peaceful place, MG.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful for you and Mr.! Maybe it's a good thing to be away from the political noise for a bit. It'll be just as crazy when you get back.

Deb said...

I agree with you Dave! Having lived in Chicago and visited the planetarium many times. That entire story just irked me so. Guess McCain thought that Illinois was already wrapped up for Obama and that perhaps, McOldie would sway a vote or two with some idiot that knows nothing about nothing!
Adirondacks, huh? I bet it is beautiful there. Along way from Maui, girl!

Billie Greenwood said...

Your property sounds beautiful...especially this time of year. Congratulations, and good luck with the details to come.

Mauigirl said...

Thanks Spartacus! We're having a good time cleaning it out this week!

Dave, exactly - the GOP just doesn't get the importance of scientific education.

Hi DCup - yes, except we do have satellite TV and have been glued to MSNBC so have not escaped very thoroughly! Great news on Powell's endorsement.

Deb, I haven't been lucky enough to have visited the planetarium in Chicago - will have to make a point of it on a future trip there!

BE, yes, the foliage is still gorgeous here - went to Vermont yesterday and it was more gone by there. But still very pretty!

Anonymous said...

You know the deal. The inbreds that make up the "core" of McKeating's support think that ANY educational expenditure is wasteful. That's what we got the bible for!

Christopher said...

Do you have heat in the cabin?

The weather has been awful lately.