Friday, October 10, 2008

A Cat's Eye View

Baxter here. I had to Take Over because my Female Human is in the Fetal Position on the Floor right now. She made the Mistake of Daring to look at her 401k Balance. Foolish Human. She knew she shouldn't, but she did it anyway. I guess it was like that Human expression, "biting on a Sore Tooth."

As a Cat, of course, I have Words of Encouragement for All of You. We will Get Through This.

Humans are so Superficial. They think this stuff called Money is so Important. And of course it is, if you don't have enough to Eat or a House Over your Head. I am not Minimizing the Importance of the Losses People are suffering.

But Cats understand that once those Needs are fulfilled, Life is Good. If we get a Pat on the Head and a Sun Spot to lie in, and have a full Stomach, we don't really need Anything Else.

Even Cats who aren't living in the Lap of Luxury as I am, usually Get By very nicely. They catch a Mouse or a Rat when they're hungry, or dig into the neighbor's Garbage Can. And they huddle under a Car to keep dry and curl up together for Warmth.

Humans can learn a lot from Cats, particularly my Female Human. For instance, she really doesn't need to order Books and Clothes on the Internet. She has enough Books and Clothes to keep busy and clothed for a Lifetime. If she gets Bored she can do Sudoku. That is cheap and very Time-Consuming.

And you know what? If she really needs Clothes, there are plenty of Thrift Shops that she could buy from, which would not only be cheaper but would benefit the Cause that they support, such as Hospice, or other charities. We Cats, of course, don't wear Clothes, as we come with our own Fur - much more Efficient.

Another thing many Cats do is Catch their own Food. Humans can Grow their own Food and save Money that way, which is a Good Thing, since there are no Mice in this house so I can't catch my own Dinner and they have to buy my Food. Of course the Growing Season is almost over so that's something for Next Year.

In the meantime, another way my Humans could save Money would be to stop eating out all the time. They could use Real Ingredients and make Stew or Casseroles and freeze them and eat them all Week when they don't feel like cooking.

As for the Political Stuff, I am feeling Confident that the Obama Human will Prevail. I know my Female Human is worried about All Sorts of Things happening between now and Election Day but the Polls still look Good and as my Female Human's Mother likes to say, "Don't trouble trouble till trouble troubles you!" We Cats take Life as it comes. There is no sense in worrying about Tomorrow when you can sleep in a Sun Spot today.

With that, I will Sign Off and wish you an excellent Weekend. Since the Stock Market is not open on Weekends, at least no one will have to worry about THAT for a couple of Days. I suggest you partake of massive Amounts of Catnip or whatever you prefer, and don't think about this Stuff until Monday. Hang In There Everyone! And remember...


Fran said...

Oh poor human Mauigirl.

About 10 days ago I finally got around to rolling my 401K out of my old company and the check came about a week ago.

I must say that I have not wanted to bring the check to the financial adviser, but I had to as it was made out to a a trust. Deep sigh.

So in a way I guess I hedged against some losses as the $***,*** check I pulled out 10 days ago would be worth that much less if it were still in the 401K.

That said, if it goes into new funds this week, what will happen???

Baxter take care of Mauigirl, ok? We love her and want her to feel better.

Anonymous said...

Baxter - You strike me as a realist and an optimist. Be sure to purr at Maui for me.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Baxter, how wise you are. Thank you. And go purr in Mauigirl's ear and cheer her up.

Natasha said...

Hi Mauigirl!

Hope you're doing good! Cats do seem to be more sensible than us, don't they!!! :) I'd like to invite you to join us at, a website and community for women in our 50s who believe in living full lives by embracing transitions and changing with the times. We love making new friends, sharing new experiences and taking charge of our own lives. We'd love to have you join because you sure do sound like one of us!:)

Mauigirl said...

Fran, my Female Human thanks you for your sympathy. You are Very Lucky you got your Check out of your 401K before Last Week! Just put it in a CD IRA and it should be Safe!

DCup and Ruth, I will do My Best to Purr for My Humans. And here's one for Both of You! Prrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Thanks Natasha, I checked it out for my Human and it looks great. I added the site to her Link List.


Randal Graves said...

I think I'll steal some of our cats' stash.

Comrade Kevin said...

Oh hai!

Obama, we has it? I hopes.

Anonymous said...

indeed, baxter. i hope you are right about that obama human winning.

D.K. Raed said...

I hope Baxter has registered to vote. We may need to tap him for the new Sec Treasury.

Mariamariacuchita said...

Catnip and lasagna solves many problems in the short term.

Middle Ditch said...

My cat followed the scrolling down of the screen with interest. She then turned and winked at me. I'm sure that she agreed with everything Baxter wrote.

Fran said...

Oh no such luck - it is being rolled over, but I made some moderate choices for the moment.

Deep sigh. I still saved a bundle by not being in for those days.

Mauigirl said...

Randal, I actually tried smoking catnip once when I was much younger. I'm afraid it didn't do anything for me!

Let's hope, Kevin!

Kouji, I do find cats are usually right about the important things in life.

D.K., both Baxter and Diva would love to vote but the benighted human population doesn't allow it.

Maria, I've been indulging too much in the lasagna type of assistance lately...must go on a diet!

Middle Ditch, I'm glad your cat agreed with Baxter. I think most cats tend to be Democrats.

Fran, hopefully your choices will remain stable for awhile! Today was another wild ride!