Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Cat's Eye View

Baxter here. My Female Human has not gotten around to returning to any kind of a Schedule to allow Me to Post, but what can I do? I'm dependent on Her to type! I sit Here in front of Her and Dictate my Words while she tries to see through my Beautiful Self to the Screen.

So, let's see...where were we with this Political stuff? Oh yes. Reverend Wright. It never ends, does it? Here we thought the whole thing was SO Over, and instead Reverend Wright Himself gets on TV and starts acting like a Dog - that is, acting all Excited and Wanting to be the Center of Attention. Now mind you, we Cats like to be cosseted and catered to, but we don't like to Call Attention to Ourselves in a such a Blatant Manner.

I'm really not sure why Reverend Wright did all this, but it hasn't helped the Obama Human much in this Primary Race. In my Surfing of the Net, which I am able to do, since I can use the Mouse myself, I found an interesting Article by one Roland Martin, of CNN. In this Article he is giving the Obama Human some advice on how to get past the Reverend Wright Issue. Some ideas he has:

"Let voters know that you will be calling the shots, not Wright. I've seen e-mails from voters who say they will not vote for Obama because of Wright. The junior senator of Illinois must challenge them directly.

Tell them flat out that Wright will not keep their homes from foreclosure.

Tell them that Wright has absolutely nothing to do with gas prices doubling under the presidency of George W. Bush.

Make it plain that your name is on the ballot and not his, and you're the guy who has the right plan to transform the country."

He goes on to say:

"Then you must back that in-your-face campaigning with an economic message that speaks to the masses, especially those blue-collar voters. Show them that the Bush tax cuts that McCain wants to continue will benefit those same business owners who are shipping their jobs overseas.

Tell blue-collar voters that the hedge fund owners that are snapping up companies and slashing their jobs don't care about them, and will be happy to fund the campaign of McCain."

Then, a Very Important Point that should Appeal to Hillary Supporters:

"Make it clear to women, especially white women, that Roe v. Wade will be extinct if McCain wins. The next president is going to choose three Supreme Court justices."

Now, I don't know why it would only be White Women who would care about this issue, but that's what the Man said.

So go, read the rest of the Article, and see what You think. I think his Advice is pretty good. Of course, I'm only a Cat. Some of you may have some more Ideas.

In better news for the Obama Human, former Clinton supporter Joe Andrew switched his support to Obama. This Andrew Human was once a Democratic Party leader under the Hillary Human's husband's Administration, and is one of those Superdelegates, so this is a Good Thing.

He explained his Decision as follows:

"Andrew said the Obama campaign never asked him to switch his support, but he decided to do so after watching Obama's handling of two issues in recent days. He said Obama took the principled stand in opposing a summer gas tax holiday that both Clinton and McCain supported, even though it would have been easier politically to back it. And he said he was impressed with Obama's handling of the controversy surrounding his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright."

So that's the News in the Political Arena. I'm going to try to Lighten Up a bit here, as it's been awhile since I posted something Frivolous.

My Female Human is a member of a pet network called Dogster, and they send her e-mails. She got one inviting her to take quizzes to see what Celebrities That Dog and I would be. It was Amazingly Accurate. Here is what it said about That Dog:

What celebrity would your pet be? I'm Jennifer Lopez! Find out at

So then she did it for Me. I am Proud to be considered Al Gore!

What celebrity would your pet be? I'm Al Gore! Find out at

I'm sure You will be interested in trying this Quiz for your Pets.

I would also like to share a couple of my Favorite Comic Strips. I have Noticed lately that many Comics are getting Political even if they are ordinarily not. Do you think maybe Cartoonists tend to be Democrats? I do!

And now I will close with one more Amusing Tidbit or two for You. Some LOLCats!

Now here is the First One. This does look VERY tasty:

humorous pictures
see more crazy cat pics

And here is a Sad Commentary on the Way it Is Today:

humorous pictures
see more crazy cat pics

This morning I had to tell my Female Human about my Dish. It was Empty. I had to remind Her at 5 a.m. So I can identify with this one:

Humorous Pictures
see more crazy cat pics

Let me tell You, I would NEVER do THIS to That Dog:

humorous pictures
see more crazy cat pics

And with that I will say So Long for Now. Have some Catnip, enjoy your Weekend, and I will see You Next Week!


Anonymous said...

Superimpose a picture of RePete or Pete on the last one and it could be Pinto with one of his cats! I sent that one to the BMOC the other day.

Mauigirl said...

That is exactly why I posted it! The dog looked just like Pinto! How funny you already saw it!

Mauigirl said...

Oops, I mean, that's why BAXTER posted it!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Jennifer Lopez is a..... well anyway, just dropped by to say thanks once again for that helping paw! If you might need a midnight snack someday, all three of my owners gather around the cupboard most every night and holler for tuna. Drop in on the party anytime!

Mauigirl said...

Future, thanks so much for the Invitation! I would love to share Tuna with your Family!

By the Way, the Jennifer Lopez detailed Description for The Dog was Very Appropriate. I wish it had posted the whole Thing.

Fran said...

Baxter!!! I am always so delighted to see your sweet face here!

I think that your human - our beloved Mauigirl is really busy, so posting may not go according to your schedule. What can you do? Find a sunny spot and take a nap is my advice.

Anyway, I am very happy to see that you are an Al Gore-cat, very cool! If not napping in the sun, please save the world.

I believe that you can do it!

Anonymous said...

“MS Change08 - the HYPROCRITE Ship is sinking”

Junior Senator Barack Obama’s credentials are meaningless.

The Illinois State Senator isn’t remotely experienced to sit behind the desk in the oval office nor is he educated in (hands-On) US foreign affairs to represent the United States of America, as its President Commander in Chief. He lacks the very basic of skills to provide security to the Nation.
The Democratic Party have raised expectations so high American voters believe “Change08 is coming,” the truth be told the only change will be from creased slacks to a tailored pant-suit; while in the mean time were stuck with the self-centered, increasingly arrogant Senator’s message of “Change08,” played out on his soap box.

We as a nation mustn’t forget that the 2008 election has more to do with Capital Hill, Washington insiders are doing everything within its power to protect it’s interests within Washington’s House and Senate Seat majority; This election has much more then just electing a new President on its agenda, “That part is campaign entertainment,” while behind scenes specific seats are being assured, filled, as well as already contemplating replacements for any Supreme Court seat “should anyone(s) suddenly retire.”

All this playing out live on every television station via satellite and cable while America’s caught up in what Washington’s built-up as Obama’s “Change08 Campaign,” at most a side show decoy’ (per-say) that we’re stuck with until Senator Clinton takes gets the needed delegates and wins this election.

American voters cannot forget that George Bush became President by a Supreme Courts decision, how ironic thanks to Jeffery Toobin’s research and Best Seller, “The Nine,” We now know the very man working behind scenes during the Bush and Gore race would make the final decision in the Florida Chad-count fiasco; only to become head of the highest court in our nation four years later, “Thanks to his good friend George Bush.”

The 2008 election has to be watched absolutely from every angle to assure a fair election process, not repeating what our current sitting President got away with assisted by his own brother Florida’s Governor at that time.
Barack Obama has about as much a chance sitting in the White House’s oval office as Al Gore did - at this point in the race. He might be sitting on his over-flowing campaign chest, using his so-called strategized charisma except his now questionable character is cause for concern after the Junior Senator held a three minute news conference with a written speech saying, “I’m Outraged over Rev. Wright,” while keeping his eyes on his written speech more then on those in attendance listening to his obviously staged performance; Clearly he’s not as outraged as he would like the nation to believe.

Our nation needs an experienced leader who understands the commitment to the security of the United States and each citizen, this junior Senator from Illinois has little to no experience to handle the skills required to fill the chair of the present and or even pervious elected Presidents - his resume’s limited in references; he’s only been a junior level entry position Senator with the least amount of time spent in session on the hill.
To hold the position of the President of the United States is in no way an internship, learning as you go, fixing this nations health-care system, or defending it (Hypothetically) from North Korea among other’s. His lack of experience is frightening at the idea of his control in a time of crisis.

Medicaid, Medicare, private and employer offered health benefits are in shambles each coverage including co-payments, specific categorized prescription medications, Hospital, In-home and hospice care costs have become an option too expensive to have; and all too often denied coverage because “Higher-Risks,” are leading to “Higher-Costs,” for treatment and long-term care. The current treatment and care costs for Cancer, AIDS, and The Veteran Administration’s astronomical numbers of PTSD are the costliest examples of an abused broken healthcare system affecting our entire nation, especially its elderly, Veterans and the smallest of our children.

Senator Clinton’s knowledge of our healthcare system exceeds anything a junior Senator from Illinois understands. She’s worked diligently on this subject matter on the hill and in the Senate ever since the Clinton administration and currently pursuing the necessary votes on the hill trying to fix what will eventually cripple our heath care system if left as is; an all too familiar subject especially to those on Social Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Income (SSDI).

Senator Obama got what he wanted from the State of Hawai’i voters they turned out in masses standing in lines that were in some polls a 6 hour wait just to “Cast their vote.” The Change08 campaign could have easily flown in and out of HNL International Airport; at the very least out of respect for the Democratic (all) volunteer party who worked endlessly to get the voters out to the polls; succeeding in record numbers.
The Junior Senator choose not to show face, admittedly he dislikes Hawai’i and only comes here for the Holidays to visit his Grandmother, his book “Dreams of my Father,” tells a story of the islands not being on any list of favorite destinations; thus most recently choosing the Bahamas’, not Honolulu to vacation or visit his elderly Grandmother in Honolulu.

Where are the Senator’s Christian morals, values and principles he speaks so highly of to vacation in the Bahamas’ not coming home to Hawai’i and visit his aging Grandmother; especially after missing Thanksgiving and Christmas this past year leaving Grandmother sitting alone at home; she’s almost 90 years old now. “Where are family values in his decision to vacation in the Bahama’s?

How easy the Junior Senator forgets it’s, “We the People,” the campaigning junior Senator never made time for his own States Caucus; nor has time for an aging old woman in the very Islands he grew up attending the prestigious private Punahou High School, giving him his privileged start in life. The State of Hawai’i gave Senator Obama his private education, the lanky kid who attended the prestigious private school at Grandma’s expense thoughtlessly had the audacity referring to his Grandmother recently as just another “Typical White Woman.” What was he thinking? Having no-written speech to answer; his first thoughts were heard loud, clear and on every television station. What an embarrassment to his family, Grandmother and this great nation.

Scrutinized throughout the same entire media; The Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s comments have come back to haunt the Senator, his own wife is pleading with the press “Lets move past Wright,” Michelle’s looking rundown and exhausted from all of it said Wednesday April 30th, 2008 “That her husband’s move to distance himself from his controversial former minister has been “painful,” but that she’s pleased with the way he’s handled the situation.” More scripted words responding on behalf of their campaign while supporting her husband’s hands still in the jar.

Obama’s “MS Change08,” Campaign is taking on water quick from the Left and Right going down, his wife unable to help this time. It’s become another Washington Action Drama Rated PG-17, only without Celine Dion’s closing song, rather a single horn playing Taps.

This is Washington’s finest political performances; certainly one that will keep the junior Senator awake late-night listening to polls and analysts all the while watching as the waters rising onboard. “Get ready to grab anything inflatable when the time comes Senator,” it looks like you’ll be abandoning the MS Change08 Campaign Ship very soon, “just don’t forget woman and children go first.”

God Bless America and the 1st Woman President whose about to take the oath of office making American history.

Anonymous said...

Baxter, you rock! Please tell your human to let you dish some more from the cat world. I promise that if you do, I'll ask Chester to be a good dog and play nice with the feral feline friends that have been roaming my 'hood in need of a bite. There's enough for all to eat...right? Isn't that what your pal Obama is trying to say?

Randal Graves said...

are you saying that
a vote for McCain is bad?
he's The Maverick®!

TomCat said...

Hiya Baxter. You sure are one political pussycat. I admire your discipline in using the mouse without eating it.

I have no pets myself but figured I qualify to answer the questions on their own. I hope nobody gave that email-harvester their real email address. Here are my results:

TomCat is none other than superhunk George Clooney!

Turning heads everywhere he rolls, TomCat is a huge hit with both googly-eyed babes and older, wiser fans. Admirers will paddle across no less than eleven oceans just to get a glimpse of this A-List heartthrob in the fur. TomCat isn't in a big rush to settle down, so is often seen out on the town with the cutest members of the pack. Not just a looker, TomCat's activism knows no limits—enerpetically involved in the campaign to save Dogfur, TomCat is always looking for a worthy cause that he can sink his teeth into.

Distributorcap said...

baxter who would you be if you were a celeb?

Mauigirl said...

Fran, Baxter sends his thanks for your compliments.

Anonymous, I think that your comment is actually an electronic spam (since I also got the same note in my e-mail) but I'm leaving it up because I believe in free speech!

Spartacus, I will be giving Baxter another turn at the computer very shortly!

Randal, after hearing today that McCain vows to appoint conservative judges, you can bet I do agree a vote for McCain would be bad! ;-)

Tomcat, I am not at all surprised that you would be George Clooney! The description of your character is very apt.

DCap, the quiz said Mr. Baxter would be Al Gore, but he would also like to be identified with Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame.

kuanyin333 said...

Baxter sure is a great blogger--with your help, of course!

I'm having a challenging time resuming my blogging schedule, but this is definitely my plan. :-)

Good to see ya again in my comments!