Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Cat's Eye View

Baxter here. I have had a Very Bad Week since I last posted. Last Thursday morning I got up in a Good Mood and I was rubbing around my Humans' legs and purring, trying to convince them I needed some Food and Water, which for some reason had been Unavailable since the previous Night; and all of a sudden I was picked up and thrust into that Carrying Box. I knew right away Something was Wrong.

Sure enough, they brought me to that Awful Place they call the Vet's. I went in there feeling Fine and by the time my Female Human picked me up later that day, I felt like Crap. I felt Woozy and my Mouth hurt. My Female Human told me she was Sorry, but when they cleaned my Teeth they had to pull out some of them.

Well, now that a Week has passed I feel pretty good. I guess it wasn't That Bad. But it sure ruined my Weekend.

Now that I'm feeling better, I feel up to Blogging again, so here I am.

Lots has happened since last week. Tuesday was another of those Primaries. And even though the Obama Human is winning this Delegate race, the Clinton Human won big-time in West Virginia. Some People say this means a Big Problem for him in the Fall. Let's hope he figures out how to reach the West Virginians and similar People in other States. There are lots of Theories as to why he isn't winning with these people. Jon Stewart had some ideas last night:

"He's simply not their kind of guy," says one commentator. Jon Stewart questioned, "So she's 'their kind of guy?'"

Whatever the Obscure Reasons the Obama Human lost in West Virginia (and likely will in Kentucky), these setbacks probably won't Bother him much. In the meantime, the other Human that was running for President earlier this Year, John Edwards, endorsed the Obama Human Wednesday evening at a Rally in Michigan. In his Endorsement, he said:

"There’s one who understands the need to create one America, not two Americas, and that man is Barack Obama."

This was Great News for the Obama Human and Not So Great News for the Clinton Human. In fact, she was probably as Mad as a Wet Cat about it. (And no, calling her a Cat is not a Sexist Remark; it is a Common Expression among us Cats, so don't take it Wrong).

Since then, 7 of the Edwards Delegates have now switched to the Obama Human plus 3 more of those Humans they call Superdelegates.

So that is the Big News in Politics since I last Posted.

In other News, the California Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have the Right to Marry, striking down two State Laws that limited Marriage to being between a Man and a Woman only. I for one am Very Happy that this has happened. Of course, we Cats don't Marry but we can certainly understand why others might want to do it, and why shouldn't Anyone who wanted to be Allowed to? Now of course the Religious and Conservative Groups are having Fits and say they will support an initiative on the November ballot that would amend the California Constitution to ban same-sex marriages and overturn the Decision. Let us hope that it Does Not Pass.

On to less serious Subjects.

I found this article about how some Animal Shelters use a Personality Test to match up Cats with prospective Owners. Seems like a Great Idea to me! After all, you don't want a Really Shy Cat being teamed up with someone who wants to be rubbed on and purred at 24/7. And Some People come into a Shelter looking for an exact Replica of their Old Cat in looks, but then find out the New Cat is nothing like the Old Cat in personality.

According to the Article, there are lots of types of Cats. One Cat, Barnaby, who had an outgoing personality, is called the "Leader of the Band" type of personality.

"All of the types have fun, vivid names and descriptions. Barnaby is "leader of the band." His opposite, a cat low on both scales, is called a "private investigator," who stays out of trouble.

A more middle of the road cat is familiar to many people: the "personal assistant." "You're working on the computer? Let me press the keys. Reading the paper? I'll hold the pages down for you... You'll wonder how you ever managed without me," according to program literature."

I guess I kind of fit with that "Personal Assistant" type Cat. Especially when I help my Female Human Blog.

They have this same kind of Test for Dogs. I can only Imagine what That Dog would be called. I wonder if there is a Category just called "Diva"? It would certainly fit!

In News of the Gross,it was announced recently that astronauts living on the International Space Station will be recycling their urine into - get this - Drinking Water. Yep, that's right! They apparently have a $250 million machine that will do the job! According to the article:

"NASA has spent decades perfecting a system to transform urine into water that can be used in space for drinking, food preparation and washing. Agency officials say the water from the system will be cleaner than U.S. tap water."

Of course, That Dog probably would not be Offended by this. She will drink Anything. If my Humans did not close the Toilet Bowl I have no Doubt she would be drinking out of it.

I will end with a Very Appropriate LOLCat. I must say This seems like a Good Idea to Me. If I had realized in time they were going to drag me to the Vet I might have tried something like This:

more cat pictures


enigma4ever said...

great post...poor Baxter, Xena and Harry send their best wishes....hope you are feeling better....yup....that Obama thing has been causing some worry....don't worry it will all work out....don't lose any sleep over it....( Harry says this as he falls off the TV......again...)

Christopher said...


You will feel better in the long run having your teeth cleaned and the bad teeth removed.

Your humans weren't trying to harm you -- quite the opposite. In not time, you will be able to chow-down on all your favorite foods and treats and maybe even a mouse.

Hang in there!

Dr. Zaius said...

Your cat is certainly well versed in politics! My was was alway much more interested in neck rubs, licking herself and sleeping.

Cosa Nostradamus said...

First off: If you think that NEW JERSEY JEW humor is funny . . . yer goddam straight! Jeez, sometimes (once a year, at most . . . ok, EVERY lunchtime, I'd kill for a real sub!) I miss the Garden State! As tennis is to la belle France, and futbal to Argentina, so too is sarcasm to NJ. Yeah, right. I am so sure. As if. HAH!

Yes, my OTHER old homies there in Shakytown have sure done shook up America with Strike Two on gay-bashing. Now I know why Obama always mentions gays when he's summing up America: It's an issue whose time has come. The McCainiacs will be salivating over their homophobic mailings to the Party faithful. But this move by the CASC has a ring of inevitability.

I think that this election will be the death-knell of gay-bashing as a campaign tactic. I think the Repukelickin's will strike it to death now, and it will ring instead for brother Barack, because Americans hate bullies. Even the Fundies will grow tired of the sh*t. It's a new day, yawl.

And thank you, "kookie" San Fran Cisco "San Francisco, open your golden gate, You let no stranger wait outside your door." Just the sight of those really old lesbians kissing & cheering like schoolgirls after waiting 34 years (!) to get married, sorry, McCain, but 51% of America will be going "Awwww..." So, you lose, Johnny boy.

And, actually, speaking of p*ss-drinking, this new NASA machine is actually a vast improvement over the old method of just drinking it straight; hence the term: Astronaut-breath. Nuff said?

AS to the poor widdle kitty, here's my final word on the whole subject:

Ay, YOU have a nice day [snicker]! I got your nice day right HERE! Nice day THIS!

Randal Graves said...

Why do I get the feeling that the contract $250 million machine will be of the no-bid variety.

"Hey Larry, this water tastes funny."

Man, taking you cats to the vet is such a pain in the ass. And it's only 45 seconds down the road by car! Stop squirming!

denverdoc said...

I have never seen such a completely self-assured cat. His picture cracks me up every post.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Howdy Baxter, and sorry bout the chompers. See if you can get some like mine. I can pull them any time I want to, but don't meow too loud at first when you get them, or they'll fall out.

"the California Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have the Right to Marry,"
I'm sure you know a stupid human trick when you see it. This happened "just" before elections, and the MSM is playing it up like it never happened before in every election we've had since the mid 80's. Everybody'll get all fired up talking about that, and meanwhile, nobody is making any changes so you can eat healthier mice, or your human doesn't have to work a 100 hours a week to feed herself.

Ywo weeks after the Grand Stupid Human trick, it'll fade into the woodwork where it'll stay for another 2, or 4 years.

Utah Savage said...

Mauigirl, thanks for dropping by. I used to live on Kauai, near Lehue probably before you were born.

Yes, it has gotten a little heated at my place lately. Taking a wee break, let the tempers subside.

Dorothy said...

Ask mommy for an aspirin to see if it will help the pain.

Glad your giving us your point of view on politics...they make more sense then the political analysis...Keep it coming..

Dorothy from grammology
remember to call gram

Distributorcap said...


say some good words for your buddy George (my george, NOT that george) -- he hasnt been feeling too well lately and has been visiting the vet for tests

you are still real smarter

S said...


love the political recap. funny how baxter always gets things just right!

Mauigirl said...

Hello all!
Baxter and I apologize for not replying sooner to your comments. It has been a busy weekend! So without further ado, here are Baxter's replies:

Enigma, thank you for sending Xena and Harry's good Wishes. I am feeling fine again now. I am hoping the Obama Human does well in Oregon tomorrow.

Christopher, I am indeed feeling Better and although I have not partaken of a Mouse, I did get a few tidbits of fresh Salmon at tonight's Dinner.

Dr. Zaius, I am equally interested in neck rubs and sleeping, but while my Humans are at Work I have to occupy Myself somehow.

Cosa, I hope you are Right and it is indeed a New Day. And my Human and I did not realize that astronauts used to drink the "Real Thing" (no, I'm not talking about Coca Cola). Eeew.

Randal, you are probably Right about it being a no-Bid Contract. $250 million seems a Bit Steep. As for Going to the Vet, it is an Indignity for us Cats to be put in a Box. But I do get back in the Box with no problem after the Vet visit is complete!

Femaildoc, thank You for the Compliment. I am actually quite Shy. But I try to keep up a Good Front.

Future, the Timing of this Event is rather Convenient, I agree. So is Bin Laden's recent reappearance in the News. Perhaps Mr. Bin Laden works for the Republicans?

Utah, welcome! It is Very Interesting that you lived in Kauai! You may be underestimating my Female Human's age if you think she wasn't Born yet when you lived there though!

Dorothy, thank you for thinking of Me and recommending the Aspirin. I am feeling Fine now! I'm glad you enjoy my Political Analysis.

DCap, sending Best Wishes to George. I hope he is OK!

Slouching Mom, thanks for your Compliment on my Political Acuity!