Sunday, March 16, 2008


Two bloggers that I read and respect have recently decided not to post about the Democratic primary race until a nominee has been chosen.

You can read what Suzi Riot wrote about it here and Alicia Morgan over at Last Left Turn Before Hooterville here.

I've decided to join them. There are a number of bloggers whose opinions I respect who either don't support either candidate, or who support Hillary, and I don't want my support of Obama to keep them from commenting or coming here. In addition, I am the first to admit I don't know everything about either candidate, and there are things about both of them that are good and about both of them that are not as good. I've said all along that I will support whoever wins the nomination for the Democratic party.

In the beginning of the race when there were so many contenders, I tended to like Kucinich best based on his stands on the issues, but knew he wouldn't win. I didn't really choose between Edwards, Clinton and Obama until after Obama won the Iowa caucuses and I realized I was really happy about it. I've been supporting his candidacy ever since, and I continue to do so.

But if my support for his candidacy makes me too apt to criticize Hillary, or to perpetuate hostility between the two "factions" of the Democratic Party, which is the last thing we need, then it is better to concentrate on the stands John McCain is taking, or on the devastation the Bush administration is leaving for the next President. And that's what I'll be doing in the next few weeks. And of course, Baxter will be posting again now that we've arrived home from vacation!


Mary Ellen said...

Well, it's certainly safe to come over to The Divine Democrat today, nothing but a Saint Patrick's Day post and an Irish Blessing (of sorts) for George Bush on the bottom of the post...I think you'll like it. ;-)

HopSkipJump said...

To be honest, I am sick to death of my TV being taken over, as it has been for the last year, by the US election coverage. Having said that, the election will mean big things for my country as well. It is interesting to hear what the 'real people' think of the proceedings. Do what you need to do as far as your postings.

I'm with you as far as supporting whomever of the Democratic nominees wins.

Sue J said...

As a Clinton supporter, I just want you to know that I have always found your blog to be a sea of sanity in this debate between the candidates. Although I know I am vastly outnumbered here by Obama supporters, you have always maintained a civil and intelligent tone among your commenters.

If only the Big Blogs would run their sites as well as you do!

I look forward to working with you and fellow democrats to regain the White House next fall!

Christopher said...


You have a safe place at my blog.

My readers and my blogroll are almost 100% exclusively onboard Barack's candidacy and best of all, you won't be bothered or harassed by any Hillbots.

Unfortunately, since KOS ran the Hillbots off, they've dispersed and now they're causing problems across the blogoshere. When they appear at my place, I just ban them if they start causing trouble.

Candace said...

It's a shame that the party is so divided - which of course plays into the hands of the Forces of Darkness on the other side. :) I'm very much looking forward to the time when this is all overwith and we have a nominee. Then we can get back to fighting the REAL enemy.

Larry said...

I'll be glad when the primaries are over.

Sue J said...


Larry, I couldn't agree with you more.

Christopher, can we please stop with the name-calling? Ultimately, we are all in this thing together.

Christopher said...

Sue J,

Just clicked on your name and visted your blog.

I suppose no one should be surprised that you have a post up in support of the ridiculous "writers strike" at KOS, but you go a step further and call for a "readers strike." Stunning.

It's Hillary or the highway. We've had 8 years of this effort at mind and opinion control with George Bush. It has turned people against Bush and it's turning people against Hillary.

enigma4ever said...

It is so sad that in a year when we need to unite and even for once experience true unity and strength and power of Unity....instead we are experiencing a party that is full of division and rancor...and bad feelings all the way round.....Whatever you need to do so that you feel good about your blog- your literary home- that is all that matters....I would come either way...I love your blog and the issues that you blog on..and that you blog on everyday sharing your wonderful trip with us.....

I have lost many readers and commenters because of blogging for these years of blogging I find it kind of strange that something like Blogging about a Candidate of Choice should cause such strife and anger...and I find it amazing....and heartbreaking....

Please blog whatever you need to blog and know that those of us who love your blog we are here ;-)

Sue J said...

Christopher, "Hillary or the Highway"? Um ... no. I appreciate you visiting my blog, but if you can stand to go back again, please read this earlier post there:

Searching for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Blogosphere

and you'll see that I'm actually pretty open-minded about Barack Obama, and that I appreciate Mauigirl's intelligent arguments for him. So, "mind and opinion control"? A little too much hyperbole?

PoliShifter said...

It won't end till the convetion.

Who ever has the most delegates is the nominee.

Not much we can do. Most of us have already voted. Those who still get to vote deserve every opportunity to cast their vote for who they support. How people vote in the remaining contests will have a big effect going into the convention but neither candidate can lock up the nomination until the convention.

Mauigirl said...

Mary Ellen, thanks, enjoyed the St. Paddy's Day post!

Inarticulate, thanks, I agree - the election is going to be really important so I'll be doing my part talking about it - from the perspective of what the other side is up to!

Sue, I really appreciate your comments, and I feel the same way about your blog and commenters.

Christopher, I'll be over at your place frequently for the latest news on the primaries!

Candace, my feelings exactly. And I never expected it to come to this, I figured one of the candidates would be way out in front and we wouldn't be having this discussion.

Larry, I totally feel the same way.

Enigma, thanks for your support. And of course I'll be continuing to comment on your blog about Obama and the primaries. It really is amazing how the progressive blogosphere suddenly started dividing as soon as actual primaries started being held. Before it felt like one happy family, and I hope it will again.

Mauigirl said...

Polishifter, you must have posted just when I did as I just saw your comment. I agree, it won't be over until the convention. I don't see either side quitting for the good of the party, that's for sure. Since my state has already voted too I guess we just have to sit by the sidelines and see what happens.

Suzi Riot said...

Thanks for the linky love!

Cosa Nostradamus said...

Aloha, Ms. Maui,

The extraordinary thing about this election so far has been the participation of the 60% who never vote, all on behalf of Obama.

Without him, it will be just another 20% plus or minus race between a RINO and a DINO. That sucking sound you hear is the air escaping from our democracy.

If Billary McCain really cared about it, they'd put country first, and let the populi have their vox.

But ego, and tremendous debts to the worst kinds of "special interests" may lead us to another Humphrey- McGovern- Carter- Mondale- Dukakis- Gore- Kerry November. Or, worse yet, another Clinton one.

Seriously, Hil, you two have had your shot. You blew it. You humiliated us and cost us our health care. If you call that experience, I call you a hangover.

Hil, ya coulda been our first female VP, and then Pres, after the 'Repukelickins shot Barack. Instead, you'll be congratulating Pres. McCain on his excellent conduct of the war with Iran you'll vote for from your bunker under the Senate. While the rest of us die of preventable diseases.

Please, Billary, stop trying to game a system that no longer has any use for you.

Oh. Did I say that out loud? Sorry. Mahalos for being there, Ms. Maui.

Anonymous said...

I see nothing wrong with blogging in support of either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. But to blog against one or the other only serves to help John McCain, and it is that which most concerns me.

I am delighted to have found your blog Mauigirl.