Thursday, March 27, 2008

Haiku Wednesday

After two serious blogswarm posts in a week, my brain is fried. In addition, work has come back full tilt after my restful two-week vacation, and I am finding it hard to concentrate on anything else.

So, for today, I will post a few attempts at haiku. And, for Baxter's fans, don't worry, he'll be posting next!

Tropical breezes
Azure sea on black sand beach
All over too soon

New Jersey is cold
There are no leaves on the trees
The wind is chilly.

It's back to business
Or should I say "busy-ness"?
Life is so hectic.

Between work and home
More responsibilities
Not enough pleasure.

The news is a joke
And politics is stressful
Why is it so hard?

Democrats feuding
While John McCain is gaining
Polls aren't looking good.

Once we were on top
Now McCain may be winning
Democrats, Unite!


Fran said...

Maugirl haiku
Is always a good thing here
It brings me a smile

Politics is sad
Ugly campaign tactics now
We need to focus

What better way to do that than the zen inspiration of your haiku?!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home MG
Sorry for the mess we made
We will clean it up...

This haiku stuff is fun!

Sue J said...

I love your haikus -- thank you!

Randal Graves said...

The Maverick®'s scary
Don't be so stupid, voters
or he'll blow stuff up

Dems, shut your word hole
Be civil to each other
angry truth to them

For Fran is correct
And if she gets extra mad
well, just look out fools

Christopher said...

True, true, true.

The Borg Queen is going to run this thing into the ground and take everyone with her.

Her negatives now stand at 48% and it has become obvious to the Democratic party elders like Al Gore, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi that if Hillary isn't stopped, and soon, her vile, racist, hate-filled campaign will only help elect John McCain.

denverdoc said...

What a perfect progression of Haikus through your current life: Hawaii through bleak NJ and onto the political mess!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Haiku!!!

Coming home from Hawaii no matter where you live is hard.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting
on my post about Nina
Have you read the book?

Larry said...

Consider the lilies how they bloom after a storm.

Maybe America will too.

TomCat said...

Enough human stuff! The cat is where it's at!! Bring on the cat!!! ;-)

Mauigirl said...

Fran, Spartacus and Randal, thanks for your great haiku replies!

Sue, glad you enjoy them!

Christopher, one thing that worries me is that McCain's gaffes aren't getting nearly the media attention they deserve given that so much is still focused on the Democratic primary race. By the time something is decided, McCain will have cleaned up his act and people won't realize he isn't as "experienced" as he'd like us to believe in terms of understanding foreign policy or economics, etc.

Femaildoc and DCup, I am still suffering post-traumatic stress from the return to reality, LOL!

Debbie, haven't read it yet, but it is winging its way to me right now via Amazon! Will have to get the author to sign it when it arrives! ;-)

Larry, let's hope there is a rainbow after this storm...

Tomcat, as you see, Baxter has obliged you by blogging again!

TomCat said...

Wooo Hooo!!