Friday, December 21, 2007

Best Dressed Holiday Homes!

I have been missing in action since Tuesday because on Wednesday evening I came down with the Dread 24-Hour Virus. I think my parents used to call this the "grippe." Starts with stomach (we won't go there...) and then the next day you lie in bed all day, unable to move, unable even to blog, while you shiver and ache. And then presto! Exactly 24 hours later, you feel normal again.

At any rate, I'm back, not quite as good as ever, but close, and on a lighter note I thought I'd post a link to the Best Dressed Holiday Homes from This Old House.

Hat tip to Baristanet for bringing this fun contest to my attention!

This collection of pictures includes traditional exteriors and interiors, as well as "over-the-top" displays that have everything but the kitchen sink in them and have lights that go on and off in time to music. (See the overall editors' choice and the other two video entries). Be patient, the video ones do have ads first, but they're short.

I remember when I was much younger there used to be one of these "over-the-top" houses in Little Falls, New Jersey, that people would come from miles around to look at. It had lights on every conceivable surface, reindeer and sleigh on the roof, and the garage was opened up as Santa's Workshop with moving figures of Santa, Mrs. Santa, and the Elves. Going to see this house was part of our family Christmas tradition!

More recently, there used to be a house that overlooked the Garden State Parkway that was lit up with literally millions of little white lights - it actually stopped traffic on the Parkway as people slowed down to look at it.

It's nice to see that, although those two examples of wondrous excess are sadly gone, there are still others out there following the tradition of American Over-the-Topness. (New word I just made up).

I know that it may be politically incorrect to applaud people for wasting electricity on such a grand scale. But I have to admire anyone who has the energy, determination and know-how to put up displays like this.

Me, I haven't even gotten around to putting up a tree yet this year! And the extent of our outdoor decorations is a wreath on our door.

Whatever the extent of your decorating, I hope you're enjoying the holiday season in your own way! Me, I'll be putting up my collection of trolls around the living room this weekend. We all have our traditions!


Distributorcap said...

i hope you are feeling better...

Dorothy said...

Glad your feeling better.. The flu is disgusting..I'm considering a flu shot..
Regarding decorations they should be when and how you want them. I'm sure there are no tree policeman at your home..if they are, ask them for the warrant or ask them to leave...

Have fun, and happy holidays.

Dorothy from grammology
remember to call gram

Fran said...

Oh Mauigirl! I am so sorry that you were unwell. However, you did make me laugh my ass off with the use of the term "grippe"!

Our girl was so ill
But now she is back to blog
Readers are now glad

I am having a haiku attack myself!!

Christopher said...

Feel better.

There's some "bug" going around and it's exactly as you describe.

Get a flu shot -- it's not too late but wait until you're on the mend. The flu shot lasts 10 weeks or until the season is over.

Mauigirl said...

Hi all, thanks so much for your good wishes. I am indeed feeling better. I was even able to go out to dinner with my aunt and mom last night for their birthdays (my mom's is on the 20th and my aunt's is on the 23rd, so we always celebrate them together a few days before Christmas.)

And believe me, I had my flu shot a month or more ago, and anyone who hasn't should go get one pronto! This virus wasn't the influenza that the shot protects against, it was just a stomach virus - the NY Times called it a type of "norovirus" that is making the rounds at the moment in our area. Christopher, that must be the bug you're referring to.

I have had the real flu three times in my life and I never want to have it again. I had no stomach symptoms with it, just a horrible cough and was in bed for the better part of a week each time. And the most recent time I had problems with my sense of smell for three months after! (The flu can have neurological after-effects.) That was the worst! (I think I see a subject for a blog post on my other blog, "Medicana"!)

Fran, thanks so much for the haiku on my behalf! I was suddenly realizing lately I hadn't been haiku-ing anymore! I must get back to it!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back up and blogging. Ish, the dreaded 24 hour yuck. Sorry you had to deal with that.

I guess I'll save myself the driving around gas and look at holiday lights online instead!

TomCat said...

Maui, I hope you're feeling much better now.

Larry said...

Take Cold FX which is an over the counter drug that builds the immune system and if you take it daily, you won't get colds or the flu.

At least that works for me.

Mauigirl said...

Thanks, DCup, Tomcat and Larry. I'm back to my old self tonight! Larry, I'll have to pick up some of that Cold FX, I'm sure it couldn't hurt!