Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Always Something!

Well, just when I think things are going to settle down and be peaceful, something else happens. My 91-year-old aunt fell and broke her hip a few days ago. Now she's in the hospital and will need to go into rehab. Luckily she made it through the surgery to put the pin in her leg with flying colors - they used a spinal instead of general anesthesia and she did great. She is doing well and they think she will be able to walk fine once she finishes rehabilitation.

Of course that is not my only excuse for not posting for awhile. We actually managed to go up to the cabin in the Adirondacks last weekend for four days. The weather up there has been as unseasonably mild as it has been down in New Jersey. So we figured, why not go up? There was no snow on the ground whatsoever, very unusual for that area in February.

However, our gravel "road" (if you can dignify it with that description) was covered in a sheet of ice. All moisture tends to gather on the road and flow down the hill, whether from melting snow or from rain. However, our Jeep Rubicon lived up to its reputation. We were able to get up that hill by running the Jeep along the side of the road where the leaves were, rather than on the slick ice. We just had to put it in 4-wheel-drive, "low low" (an extra low gear just for this model) AND lock the axles. Not a problem! It was a relaxing weekend and I have to admit I did not get on the computer much at all.

So, in the meantime, the politics of the GOP nomination continue to be volatile! Just when you thought Gingrich had subsided and things might be smoothing out for Romney, Santorum goes and wins in caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado, and in a "non-binding" primary in Missouri. As a result, new money has poured into his campaign. It's like that old whack-a-mole game. You get one of them and another one pops up!

It is obvious that many GOP primary-goers just don't like Mitt. They try but they just can't do it. What scares me is that Santorum represents the most right-wing, theocratic side of the GOP, and any votes that put him anywhere near being a possible nominee for the Republicans is a very scary thought.

Santorum is a man who is so homophobic he talked about gay sex in the context of "man on dog," and he is against birth control for women, although he says he doesn't want to ban birth control. He just thinks it would be good if states were allowed to ban birth control. Even Ireland doesn't ban birth control anymore! What century does this man live in?

Think it can't happen? The "personhood" amendments being pushed by Republicans would do just that, if they ever passed. Many forms of birth control would be considered ending the life of a "person." Even Mississippi voted that idea down. But it keeps popping up again in other states. According to Personhood USA, activists are trying to get personhood measures on the ballot in at least 12 states in November 2012!

"For now, it’s unclear how many of the personhood proposals will actually go before voters later this year. Authorities have given the green light to gather signatures for proposed ballot measures in Colorado, Ohio, Montana and California, while legislators in Kansas, Virginia, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Alabama and Georgia have been working on bills that could lead to personhood referendums.

In Nevada and Arkansas, personhood campaigns also are in place, but have been slowed by disputes over the wording of proposed ballot measures. In Florida, anti-abortion activists are gearing up to seek a referendum in 2014."

Whatever else you want to say about Election Year 2012, it isn't dull; and it isn't inconsequential. There are HUGE issues at stake in this election, especially if by some chance Romney doesn't get the nomination. Anyone who wonders whether there is that much of a difference between the Republicans and the Democrats, between Romney and Obama, had better look hard at the issues that matter to them.

Maybe President Obama hasn't been the most liberal Democrat ever elected; but he is certainly way more "liberal" than anything the GOP will come up with, even Romney. Keep that in mind when thinking about things like Supreme Court appointments, the environment, reproductive rights, civil rights, and more.


Unknown said...

It's scary that these assholes are being taken seriously at all. :(

KGMom said...

I agree so so so much.
And mostly I am scared, fascinated, annoyed, and back to scared.
What is happening to this great country. When did the crazies take over? And what were the rest of us doing while "they" were taking over?
Hope your aunt does well--I went through a similar episode a year plus ago when my 80 yr old aunt fell and broke her hip. She was living in a 2 story house, one bathroom on upper floor and steep steps. A cousin and I had to move her to an apartment, and then clear out her house. Whew--what a task.

Sherry Peyton said...

I don't think there is anything to be frightened about here at all. The more this goes on, the more to the right they have to move to accomodate the only interested people...the nuts. The independents who might have gone with Romney, never will now as he has alienated women, gays, Latinos, and most everyone else. And Santorum is so wacko that he never had the Independents. They are necessary to win. Obama's chances improve with each week that the circus goes on. Frankly there is some talk that the contraception thing was in part set up to help Santorum gain on Romney, and push the party even further right. It's a dream come trye senario for Obama at this point. If the economy stays decent, he's home free I think.

Amanda said...

These folks scare the living daylights out of me, to the point where I start researching just how third-world is Belize anyway?


billie said...

there are rank and filers i come into contact daily with- that are just as nuts as the question is- what the hell are the young women in this country doing? are they so busy with their ipads playing words with friends to notice that some very important- and hard won rights- are slipping away? planned parenthood was the shot over the bow...these 'crazies' are gaining steam everywhere and we are all bewildered by it- we should look no further than our own neighborhoods because they live right next door...

pygalgia said...

Remind me to read your writing more often. As always, totally agree with you. Also, hope all goes well with the family. Spring is just ahead!

Kulkuri said...

Republican'ts act as dumb as possible because they think their base is even dumber. Just when you think they've sunk as low as they can, they mine the depths some more!!

The only reason I can think of for any woman to support someone like "Frothy Boy" Santorum(there's a new definition for "Rick") is they've been brainwashed by religion.

Tom Harper said...

Republicans don't actually expect any of those personhood initiatives to pass. It's just a get-out-the-vote tactic. If there's a personhood initiative on the ballot, every snake-handling Biblehump in the state will come crawling out from under its rock, go to the polls and probably vote Republican while they're there.

Fran said...

Even Romney is endorsing Obama!
(What is he playing the Ronald Reagan card? He doesn't recall issues w fracking??)

Sorry to hear about your Aunt.
Long difficult recovery.

okjimm said...

yup... it is always something .... which is just a tad better than any old thing. Which reminds me....if I do not wash the any old things...I will not have something to wear....gees.

Life As I Know It Now said...

"Personhood" indeed!

Yes, there are very important issues at at stake here, especially for women.