Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Haiku Tuesday

After a whole week up at the cabin in cool springlike weather, coming back to New Jersey was a shock. It's mid-July. It's hot. It's humid. The only good thing is, there is a nice breeze. In fact, it was such a nice breeze yesterday, apparently, that two branches broke off and fell in my neighborhood - one on the sidewalk around the corner and one on our front porch steps!

The brinksmanship between President Obama and John Boehner slogs along. I think the President is playing it right for a change - actually holding out and saying that he won't accept any budget that doesn't include revenue, i.e., tax, increases. I just hope he doesn't fold at the last minute. At some point the Republicans will have to either give in and accept some tax increases, even if only in the form of closing loopholes, or else they will take the blame for the economic mess that would follow if the debt ceiling isn't raised.

But in the summer heat it's hard to get worked up about anything in politics. In the back of my heat-drugged mind I have questions: "If the government defaults on its debts, does that mean investments in treasury bills will tank?" "Do I have any investments that would be stable if this happened?" but I can't bring myself to think any further than that or bother to Google something to find out. Maybe I don't want to know. After all, what can I do about it anyway?

So, I decided today would be a good day for some haiku. As part of my resolution to get back to blogging, haiku is always a good way to get over any writer's block I may have! So....

Summer has arrived.
Cicadas are chattering
High in the treetops.

The dogs are panting
Diva's too hot to walk far
We sit on the deck.

The news is dismal
Haven't read the New York Times
Or the Star Ledger.

Budget talks drag on
Boehner meets with Obama
No progress is made.

My computer's on
My MiFi is blinking green
Where shall I go next?

Facebook is sluggish
The blog world is beckoning
Time to go explore.

I often wonder what we ever did without the internet? Can anyone remember? And don't say we read, because I still read. But I find the world has opened up and become so much more accessible since the advent of the internet. It would be very hard to go back to the past.


Life As I Know It Now said...

Nice Haiku Maui!

Glad to see you are back blogging and look forward to your posts on politics when you get inspired to write on that topic.

I don't always agree with your viewpoints (I'm more radical I think) but I wish we had more politicians who could be just a fraction of the moderate lefty you are--we'd be in much better shape!

nonnie9999 said...

i think this was played just right by obama. when i get nervous about what is happening, i always listen to lawrence o'donnell, and he calms me down. he knows how the game is played, and i love that he gives us a peek into what really goes on behind closed doors in congress.

p.s. the rethugs are bullies, but, as with many bullies, when you push back, their true wussiness comes out for all to see.

Jeremy said...

I too am glad Obama is playing it the way he is. I'm glad I stumbled onto your blog. I dabble in haiku and poetry, sometimes of a political nature. Would you consider a guest post on my blog? You can contact me through www.fatchomper.com


lisahgolden said...

It's nice to see you here! I think that your haikus capture this particular summer very well.

Mauigirl said...

Thanks, Liberality! I am going to try to get my mind back at some point...I think the heat has fried it. I do want to blog more seriously again but have just not had the motivation! In reality if I could have my druthers, so to speak, I'd probably be a lot more radically left than I am but I tend to be a pragmatist too so may seem more moderate than what I really believe. I do think the best is the enemy of the good and that sometimes things have to be done in increments. What I really believe in, though, would be farther to the left than what can happen in the current environment!

Nonnie, I agree - Lawrence O'Donnell's take on Obama's actions was very encouraging to me and it does make me feel better when I am seeing so many from the left criticizing Obama no end!

Thanks, Jeremy, I'll come visit your blog and I'm sure I would be honored to be a guest poster!

Lisa, thanks, glad to be back, I have been too caught up in Facebook world and am glad to be getting back into blogging!

Jolly Roger said...

I spent a week in the UP of Michigan. And I wish to Dog I could just go back.

Fran said...

The internets are a double edged sword. Such great ease of access, but can suck up time like nobody's business!

I hate the political game playing & especially about important stuff.
These bastards play roulette with our lives & means... it;s all just grist for the ill because they live in the bubble... good pay, excellent benefits.
They are all beholden to someone & it seems those someones are all wealthy!

Fran said...

Ha! Freudian slip? "Grist for the ill"- now that I think about it, politics is pretty sick.
It's all tainted, because you have to have so much $ to be in the game.

The talking heads are saying something must be decided over the weekend or Monday the latest in order for votes to happen in the House & Senate.
Harry Reid said "At some point indecision becomes a decision".
I still think the whole discussion should be open door/light of day.
Maybe making it public would make them realize, demanding no tax cuts for the rich might not go well with the general public.

It's a crime if they mess with entitlements but don't touch war funding & breaks for the oober wealthy first.

I struggle to wrap my mind around how they mess with our lives. How can they sleep @ night messing w medicare for those in true need?

Mauigirl said...

Fran, you're so right, there is no excuse for this level of irresponsibility. I just moved some of my savings into what I hope are safer investments just in case there is a huge stock market meltdown in the near future...of course the "safe" investments may be bad too! How can we even cope with this???

JR, UP sounds great too. I am already missing the cabin this week (we are staying home for 2 weeks b/c of some social obligations this weekend) and I am NOT looking forward to the return of hot weather this weekend when we could have been escaping at the cabin. Oh well, we'll be back soon enough...

Vern said...

Hi! Saw you were posting and thought I'd ask the recurring question... going back to Maui or anywhere in Hawaii sometime soon?

We're considering a trip back to Oahu and Maui - but, it will be an expensive trip from Thailand. Just can't find great rates for me, wife, and baby!

Stay well... cheers!

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