Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A Cat's Eye View - Special Election Edition

Baxter here. So, it's the Day After Election Day and already the pundits will be having a Ball claiming that the Losses in the governors' races in Virginia and New Jersey are a referendum on the human President Obama, especially since he campaigned heavily for Governor Corzine in New Jersey. GOP Chair Michael Steele says the Victories mean the GOP is a transcendent party.

Well, as a New Jersey Cat I can't speak for Virginia, but I can Certainly talk about New Jersey.

Corzine lost last night, but it wasn't because of Obama and it certainly didn't mean New Jersey is suddenly a Red State - since the Legislature remains Firmly Democratic.

Columnist Tom Moran of the New Jersey Star Ledger, says that the Governor's Loss was really a rebuke of Corzine himself.

"He scored some modest successes on education and health care. He won concessions from state workers. He signed a paid family leave bill and abolished the death penalty.

But he was never able to put together a good streak, to build a working coalition even within his own party that was equal to the gigantic challenges he faced.

He promised to ease the burden of property taxes and failed. He promised to use his Wall Street savvy to fix the state’s ever-broken finances, and he failed again.

He promised a clean and honorable government, then shoveled barrels of money to some of the shadiest characters in his party, many of whom are now in jail. A corruption sweep in July reminded voters of his dramatic failure on that front."

Paul Mulshine, a Ledger columnist who tends to be quite Conservative, pointed out that Christie has no Mandate.

"The winner last night, Republican Chris Christie, managed to get through the entire campaign without taking a single principled stand on a single issue. He was against waste, fraud and abuse. He was against corruption. He was in favor of tax cuts. And that was about it.

As a result, Christie can’t claim a mandate. That’s not just because he won by such a small margin in what should have been a runaway. It’s also because you can’t win a mandate to do nothing — which is what he promised to do."

So basically, Christie won because he's Not Jon Corzine.

Looking at exit polls, most New Jerseyans cited the Economy, Property Taxes and Other Concerns as their reasons for their Votes. Only 19% on each side said their Vote was a Vote to Support or a Vote Against President Obama. Sixty Percent said their Votes didn't have a Darn Thing to Do with Obama.

So, that's That. Here we are in New Jersey, stuck with a Republican Conservative Governor for the Next Four Years because Corzine was Too Egotistical to Drop Out of the Race when he saw he was Far Behind.

My Humans were Disgusted with Corzine, and probably had Similar Feelings to those of a Lot of New Jersey Democrats. They voted for him, but they didn't want to. So some of those Democrats stayed home and Didn't Vote at All.

My Male Human in particular still held it against Corzine that he Stopped being a U.S. Senator in 2005 in order to run for New Jersey Governor. As a result, the Dems almost lost the New Jersey Senate seat in the 2006 Senate Election; luckily Senator Menendez (appointed by Corzine in 2006 to take his Seat) squeaked by.

Then Mr. Big Ego Corzine had to stay in the race This Year despite the high Unpopularity ratings he had. He should have Stepped Aside and let Someone Else, like State Senate leader Dick Codey, run. He would have Won in a Landslide.

Oh Well. It is What It Is, as my Female Human would say.

Over Across the River in New York City, Mayor Mike Bloomberg won a Third Term, but not by as Much as he and his Supporters had expected. Turns out the Voters, although they think he's doing a Good Job, were Mad that he overturned the Term Limits and Spent a Fortune in order to get Elected to a Third Term.

One Bright Spot for the Democrats last night: The 23rd Congressional District, a Closely Watched Election in Upstate New York, went to the Democrats after the Republican dropped out at the Last Minute and Endorsed the Democrat over the remaining Conservative candidate. The really Good Thing here was that Sarah Palin and other Right Wingers had supported the Conservative guy. So this was a Blow to them and a Plus for President Obama.

So That's the Latest from Me here in New Jersey. I will Close with a quick LOL (Can't call it a LOLCat since it's not a Cat, but it is Very Appropriate) for your Amusement and Hope to be Back with some Less Serious News Items very Soon. New Jersey Cats, you'd better Stock up on Catnip; it's going to be a Long Four Years with Mr. Christie.

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MRMacrum said...

Well we can cry in each other's beer I guess. While I am pleased with Maine's turnout, I guess now I wish more of them had stayed home. It is as your human says, It is what it is.

Annette said...

I was surprised at the Maine vote also.. but it is what it is.. and will have to be decided again at a later date I suppose. Sad though.

I agree this has nothing to do with the President, no matter what the pundits would like to say.. it is so ignorant they seem to think it is all about him.. did they do this to Bush.. I really don't remember, because I tended to ignore things

Sorry, for your fate with Christie, but you will survive.. I made it through Baby Blunt and he was a terrible nightmare.. hopefully you will fare better since you have a good Congress behind him, we had a Republican Congress too.. that was what hurt us so badly.

Mauigirl said...

Thanks to both of you for your sympathies. I'm sure we will survive but it will be, as Baxter would say, Annoying, for the next 4 years.

As for Maine, that was a big disappointment to me - I will probably write more about that myself in another post. I felt it was too serious a subject for Baxter to tackle, although he was willing.

Randal Graves said...

If the GOP is now transcendent, does that mean they are no longer off the hook or what up?

I don't need to tell you Baxter, than any outcome is good for the Republicans. At least that's what the teevee tells me.

jadedj said...

Glad you posted this because I am of the opinion that way too much chest pounding regards this is going on on the right.

I hope you don't mind if I quote you on my blog.

Christopher said...

New York and New Jersey have the highest property taxes in the nation.

This is one of the myriad reasons we're not buying a house in New York but instead, will be returning to Southern California in March.

Life here is very difficult: the awful winters, the property taxes, and cost of living, is staggeringly high relative to salaries.

When I heard New Jersey has an unemployment number of 10%, I was floored. I had no idea things were so tough there. It's little wonder Corzine was the victim of the "throw the bums out" mentality.

At some point very soon, the recession will cease to be "Bush's recession" and will rightfully become "Obama's recession." The election was a year ago and people have been patient but Americans are hurting and they want results.

If the Obama administration doesn't start creating jobs -- good paying American jobs with health benefits and retirement, I think and I believe, Obama's going to have a very difficult time making his case to the voters why they should reward him with four more years as president.

Fran said...

Crazy humans! Makes you want to head for the hills in a remote location far far away from it all!

Mauigirl said...

Randal, you are right, the people in the teevee will spin this to death that it's good for the GOP.

JadedJ, of course, feel free to quote me, I'd be honored!

Christopher, I agree - it's always about "the economy, stupid" as Clinton knew back in the 90s. So we do need more job creation and for people get back their confidence about the future. Obama has an uphill battle on that because if he decides to try another stimulus package of any kind, he'll meet some stiff opposition on both sides because of the runaway deficit. That and if he sends more troops to Afghanistan, will be bad news for him.

Fran, that's exactly what I've been doing all summer, every weekend! Luckily Baxter has been holding the fort without me, LOL!

okjimm said...

OK. Just sayin', but that is ONE big CAT! Seriously.... If I owned a cat like that, why, gosh... I would rent him out as a bar bouncer. 'N he looks mean enough to handle the job! Really....times are tough... everyone could use a little extra cash & kitty litter can't be cheap & wowsers, I'm sure somebody could use a little extra security cat. I mean.... that is one big cat!!!

Mauigirl said...

LOL, yes, Baxter is a plus-size cat! Not only does he weigh 22 lbs., but he's tall and long too! However, he is too timid to be a bouncer. He may look intimidating but he is basically a shy and retiring type!

The only time he gets brave and puts his ears down and yowls and hisses is when he's safely ensconced on top of a desk or couch and That Dog comes in and barks at him. If he has the upper hand, he will act brave!

Robert Rouse said...

I hope Mauigirl takes away your catnip for failing to mention that the ski town of Breckenridge, CO voted to legalize marijuana. Shame on you, Baxter!

Mauigirl said...

Robert, great news! Baxter apoologizes for only hitting the highlights. Glad you have added to the pool of knowledge about this week's election!

On the bright side of the NJ results, I just read today that governor-elect Christie actually is in favor of legalizing medical marijuana. Surprising for a Republican.

mdeals said...

Republican Victories mean the GOP ( grand old party) is a transcendent party.

Christopher said...


Obese homophobe, Maggie Gallagher, president of the National Organization for Marriage, which opposes gay marriage says stopping marriage equality in New Jersey is a top priority. The Democratic controlled legislature in New Jersey, which currently recognizes same-sex couples in civil unions, is under pressure to pass a bill authorizing gay marriage before Gov. Jon Corzine ends his term in mid-January. Republican Chris Christie, opposes gay marriages. I hope you report on what promises to be a battle royale in coming weeks.

Comrade Kevin said...

In my opinion, NJ and Virginia was undone by two very weak, very tainted candidates who ran lackluster campaigns.

TomCat said...

Baxter, I'm sorry your state is now infested with pig. You can be certain that the new Repuglican governor will try to make you share your litter box with dawgs. Stand firm!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Sorry about the disappointing election results. You did pick a funny LOL, Baxter.

libhom said...

A lot of us in NYC think Bloomberg has been a terrible mayor. If he hadn't spent $100 billion on his campaign and millions more in private donations to charities in order to keep people silent, he would have gotten his butt kicked.

Dorothy said...

Isn't it awful that money can buy bad government and every time I hear we're almost bankrupt in New York state my stomach turns...and what are our options I suspect none except no matter where we rank in taxes more are coming..anyone for a tea revolt? (it's disgusting)

Dorothy from grammology

JanuskieZ said...

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saturn sioux falls said...

Actually I love the picture of your cat. So cute!