Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Haiku Tuesday

Today's News in Haiku

It's no easy road
To get on the Supreme Court
But so far so good.

Sonia's responses
Have been calm and reasonable;
She's one smart cookie!

She had good answers
And she really knows her stuff;
She follows the law.

Health care reforming
Is on the House agenda
The bill's been laid out.

It would tax the rich
To pay for others' health care
I'm OK with that.

This is not the end
But it is the beginning
And it's about time.

Cheney's pet program
To kill al Qaeda leaders
May be investigated.

Pet Airways has launched
Your pet flies in luxury
Without any risk!

Barack Obama
Threw the first pitch from the mound
At the All-Star Game.

It wasn't perfect
But it made it to the plate
That's what really counts!


Christopher said...

I really don't know how Sotomayor could control her temper from the tag-team attacks of Beauregard and Miss Lindsey yesterday.

Had it been me, I would've kicked their asses.

Mauigirl said...

I know what you mean...Jon Stewart showed clips of her listening to all of the inane rhetoric and I'm amazed she could control herself too. I don't know how these people got elected to the Senate...it's scary.

Unknown said...

Love your Haiku Mauigirl! The pet airways is interesting.

As for Judge Sotomayor, she has the patience of a saint.

Randal Graves said...

Sessions is quite loon
and bird brained to boot. So fly,
lest ye be nunchuked.

Annette said...

If she had the temper that Lindsey tried to say she did..from the anonymous critics he quoted.. I believe she would have thrown a chair at him... At least if her temper was like McCain's..his BFF.. maybe that's what he was hinting at the day before when he said, "Unless you have a meltdown, you will be confirmed".

It sure seemed like he was trying to prompt a meltdown or something.. but then they all were really trying to prompt one.

Thanks for your Haiku round up.. I love reading them.

Me said...

Excellent haiku!


Distributorcap said...

sotomayor has more class and intellect that the seven ugly angry white men trying to make her look bad and themselves look like heroes to the "base"

Dorothy said...

I hope and hope it's goes as well as it's been going. She's over the worst and now success if she can bit her tongue. Maybe if we say how disgusting we think those Hippocrates are it'll help.

Dorothy from grammology