Monday, May 18, 2009

Progress Up North

On our brief trip to the Adirondacks on Saturday, we stayed right around the corner from our cabin instead of in our usual place in Schroon Lake, which is farther away. So as soon as we arrived, even though it was raining, we took a quick ride up to the cabin, to see if anything had been done since we were last there.

Imagine our surprise to find two huge trucks parked directly in front of the cabin! They were labeled "Parker Water Wells," hailing from East Poultney, Vermont. No one was there, of course - it was the weekend and 6:15 p.m. at that. We figured their presence meant that the well drilling is imminent. (Sure enough, when we got home we got an e-mail from our contractor saying the well would be drilled today, Monday).

We went back the next day when it was sunny and took some pictures. Here is the view of the cabin with the trucks in front of it, with our own Jeep dwarfed in comparison.

DH, engineer that he is, had to examine the machinery.

This is what the view looked like from our deck! That's me, enjoying the beautiful scene of a truck that will soon supply water to our cabin. Diva took it all in stride.
We also took a ride up to the top of Mount Defiance, which overlooks Lake Champlain and Ft. Ticonderoga. Here are a few views of Ft. Ticonderoga (directly below) and the scenery.

All in all, it felt as if we were away much longer than just one night. I think that's because even the ride up seems like vacation. Unlike the hectic drive up to Cape Cod on Route 95, the route to the Adirondacks, Route 87 (the Northway), is a scenic road. Once out of New Jersey the highway is surrounded by peaceful mountains and trees and there is little traffic, especially now.

The drive gives us the chance to ponder really deep questions and think about things we never think about. Here are a few examples of these conversations.

While listening to Sirius satellite radio's "Sixties on 6" station, we heard the old Herman's Hermits song, "Henry VIII I Am." After listening to the whole song from beginning to end, I had a revelation.

"Hey, do you realize, he's the 8th husband named Henry? And she's a WIDOW? I never thought of that before! He's probably going to die! She probably killed her previous 7 husbands!"

DH: "I think it may be like a reversal of the real Henry VIII - isn't he the one who killed all his wives?"

Me: "Oh you're right! It's symbolic! Of course! Why didn't I ever notice that?"

(Yes, we had this conversation without benefit of marijuana, in case anyone wondered.)

Another topic included:

Me: "You know those silo things by the barns? What do they put in them?"
DH: "Grain, I think."
Me: "How does it get in there?"
DH: "I think they pump it in."
(Leave it to him to know the mechanics of such a thing).

You can tell I'm not from the country.

Another topic requires a little background. In New York State all the bars seem to have some kind of state-run gambling game where you fill out little tickets with the numbers you want and there's a TV screen showing these numbers being picked - there is a "drawing" (done via computer) every so many minutes. They don't have these in New Jersey so it is always mesmerizing to sit in the local restaurant/bar in Whitehall, NY where we go, and watch these numbers on the screen. This prompted DH to ask,

"Back when gambling was illegal and the Mafia ran the numbers game, who decided what the 'official' number was that won, and how did they let people know?"

Another question for the ages. I wonder if I could Google it to find out the answer.

As you can see, since we don't strain our brains with really serious subjects on these little trips, we come back extremely rested.


Suzi Riot said...

It's great that things are progressing at the cabin. And those are some gorgeous pictures. Good for you that were able to get away for a short vacation after your stressful week.

Annette said...

What beautiful scenery, I am so jealous.

I am glad things are progressing, and that you had the chance to refresh and recharge. It is always good to be able to get away, even if it is just for a few hours.

Christopher said...

The setting is perfectly splendid!

Now, the "cabin" as it is today is without running water? So, this necessitates drilling a well? What did the previous owners do for cooking and bathing? Are you sure there is water underground for a well? So, since the water comes from a hole on your property, you own it and don't have to pay a monthly water bill, correct?

You'll have to forgive me but I'm a city/suburban dweller and know almost nothing about the country and how people live.

Mauigirl said...

Thanks, Suzi and Annette - it is definitely nice to have this getaway to go to.

Christopher, thanks, it is beautiful up there, isn't it? In regard to the cabin, like you, we had no idea what any of this entails but have learned quickly! The cabin as we bought it has no running water but the plumbing is partially installed. There has been a toilet there for a long time and a septic tank of some sort. I think the previous owners used to collect rainwater and keep it in barrels to flush the toilet. It was a hunting camp. Not sure how they bathed, would rather not think about it, LOL! Cookingwise, they actually had a generator and a microwave, also a little propane-powered two-burner stove (the kind with the small tank of propane you attach).

Our plan is to get a real propane tank, the big kind, and a better generator, possibly with batteries to back it up so it wouldn't have to run all the time to get eletricity. But the water is the key to being able to stay there overnight!

I believe you're right, there will be no water bill, unless there's some kind of well tax or something. I don't know yet. As for whether there's water, I think there will be, if they go deep enough. There are a lot of lakes around so it must have underground water. The owner of the place we stayed at said his well was drilled 465 feet so I expect ours would be similar since we're not far from his property.

splord said...

Vikki, over at knikked, linked this propane oven a while back... looks like it might be useful for you guys!

And those are some lovely photos and I'm glad your cabin renovations and improvements are coming along so well!

Mauigirl said...

Thanks Bob, will check it out! Thanks for your good wishes. I will be really excited when we actually get to stay overnight there!

Christopher said...

465 feet?

Whoa! You'll either strike water or oil. If it's the latter, you'll get that house in Maui after all!

Randal Graves said...

We could tell you how we decide the 'official' number, but then you'd have to meet the someone that we know, you know what I'm saying?

I sure hope you don't strike oil 'cause you know the second you do, the feds will be in there, 'legally' taking the land under their control. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics Maui. Isn't summer just grand? It's so full of trees around here that everything is busting out in green. I know what it is to live without water. We did for a month. Kept our apartment for an extra month, went there to wash dishes and take a shower and haul some gallons of water for cooking and drinking. So much nicer with the well! What a summer you are gonna have!

Me said...

Hi there!

Gorgeous, gorgeous place!

Was going to ask how deep the well will be, but saw in the comments where your neighbor's well is 465 feet. That's about what ours is. Not cheap drilling a well, is it?

No doubt when it's all finished you're going to totally enjoy your cabin.


Bee said...

Maui, I grew up in the country on well-water. I've never heard of a well tax. Don't think those exist. Shouldn't, considering what it costs to have a well dug these days.

My question about the gambling would be: If the mafia used to run the gambling, and now the state runs the gambling, does that make the state the new mafia? :)

D.K. Raed said...

Oooh, so much being done and wonderful pix too! Diva looks very impressed with the well-dig rig. I think you still have to power the well, right? Electricity or your generator to pump up the water?

Our last home was propane-powered with a big tank that we paid a propane service to fill every few months. Hot water, furnace, etc, all propane. The appliance itself has to be a propane appliance. It was tricky with the water heater because we wanted a 50-gallon size (unlike your previous cabin owners, we DO like to bathe). It was also on septic tank which I rather liked because of all the lush growth in the leech field (yuck, I know, but by the time it exits, it is fertilizer quality).

Amazing what you hear when you really listen to an old song! Yes he was the 8th old man named 'Enery! No clue in the song what happened to the other hubs, though.

Distributorcap said...

i am always late.... so i am checking in

Dorothy said...

The pictures are beautiful and the ride sounded like fun. My husband and I are goofy when we drive as well we sing to the tunes of the 60's and pretend we're still young which we are at heart.

Dorothy from grammology

Liz Hinds said...

If the mafia ran it then surely nobody won?!

That is one big truck! Or rather two.

Are you sure it was Herman's hermits that sang it?

Mauigirl said...

Christopher and Randal, we have thought of the oil possibility as well - shades of the Beverly Hillbillies! However, since it's in a state park, we probably wouldn't be allowed to develop the oil rights!

Feather, yes, I love the summer! I can't wait to be able to stay at our own cabin.

Hill, thanks - I expect it will be about that deep - not cheap, but actually less than we were afraid it might be. Still haven't heard back from our contractor, am assuming no news is good news (that seems to be the way he operates).

Bee, absolutely - the state is sponsoring the gambling, so they are indeed the new mafia. Now if they just legalized drugs then the transformation could be complete.

DK, yes, you're right, we need the generator to power the pump in the well. I think it fills up a holding tank and then you can turn it off for awhile until that water gets used up. We'll see how it works when it's all installed I guess!

Hi DCap, thanks for stopping in!

Dorothy, I think everyone does that singing thing on long trips. I remember when I was a little kid sleeping in the back seat while my parents sang old songs from World War II or things like "I've been working on the railroad."

Liz, that's a thought - maybe you're right, nobody won! And yes, Herman's Hermits it was!