Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Cat's Eye View

Baxter here. It's about Time I finally get to Blog! My Female Human hogged the Blog all through November practically. Now she's Too Busy and is happy to let Me do the Work!

Well, it's been an Interesting Month, and it continues to be Interesting. The Obama Human who is now, thankfully, the President-Elect, has made a lot of announcements about the appointments to his Cabinet. It finally feels as if there is a Grown-Up taking charge of this Mess.

However, there is still a lot of Idiocy out there. Would you Believe that some Human Nutjob who, I'm ashamed to say, is from my own State of New Jersey, has filed a Lawsuit to try to get the Obama Human declared Ineligible to be President? And Justice Clarence Thomas agreed to have the SCOTUS decide whether or not to take the Case? (This after Justice Souter turned it down previously). According to Salon, it is just one of many Lawsuits that may come up to try to prevent President-Elect Obama from becoming President.

"The people hoping this is a sign the court will agree with them and stop Obama from becoming president are almost certain to be let down. The fact that the case has gone to conference doesn't mean anything about its merits -- the court will also be deciding whether to take up a number of other cases, and the chances that the suit will actually be heard is exceedingly small. Eugene Volokh, a law professor at UCLA, has calculated that over the past eight years the court has considered in conference 842 cases that sought a stay. Only 60 of them were actually heard. Seven hundred and eighty-two were denied.

But that doesn't matter. The faux controversy isn't going to go away soon. Yes, Obama was born in Hawaii, and yes, he is eligible to be president. But according to several experts in conspiracy theories, and in the psychology of people who believe in conspiracy theories, there's little chance those people who think Obama is barred from the presidency will ever be convinced otherwise."

Worse yet, Salon goes on to say that even if this case is not heard by the Court, that won't be the end of it - even after January 20th.

"We could be dealing with the repercussions of the tangled web these people have woven for years after Obama is inaugurated. We already have some hints of what's to come. Gary Kreep, who heads the United States Justice Foundation and is representing Alan Keyes in one of the lawsuits over the president-elect's eligibility, has said his group will file suit to challenge each and every one of Obama's actions as president.

He may well inspire others. There are a surprising number of people out there -- tax protesters, for instance -- who rely on similarly creative legal thinking based on conspiracy theories for their defense. So don't be too surprised if, sometime after Jan. 20, defendants in federal trials suddenly claim they can't be prosecuted. If Obama isn't really president, then laws he signs have no effect, Department of Justice prosecutors have no authority and judges he appoints aren't legally judges. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just part of the conspiracy."

I'm only a Cat, so what do I know, but doesn't it seem like Cutting Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face, if you are an American and you try to sabotage the Presidency and prevent your Government from functioning during the Worst Recession in the past 50 Years? Wouldn't it be better to hope that this President can actually Fix Things? This is how Crazy these Humans are, and how Full of Hate. They don't care about their Country - not one bit!

Moving on. My Tail starts to Puff Up when I get too Annoyed with these Nutjobs. I have to Compose Myself now and wash my Tail to get it back to normal. I'll be right Back.

OK, I feel Better now. Let's see, where was I? Oh, now I remember. I came across this story on about President-Elect Obama's 27-year-old Speechwriter Jon Favreau. Apparently he had a Good Time one night and posted some pictures on Facebook of him and a friend trying to feed a cardboard cutout of the Hillary Clinton Human (now nominated as Obama's Secretary of State) a Beer, and worse yet, had his hand where her, well, Chest is. Check it Out:

He has since taken down the Incriminating Picture and apologized to the Clinton Human.

My Female Human is always Careful of what she puts on her Blog. In fact, she felt Very Daring when she posted the Picture of herself and That Dog in the snow by their Cabin last week. That was the closest anyone had seen her Face yet!

In Other Exciting News, my Humans have purchased a New Vehicle. Yes, it is a Jeep. The Male Human had hoped to continue driving his Old Saab (1985 Saab 900 with 249,000 miles on it) to Work. However, it seems to be leaking Water and he's worried it will be something Expensive to Fix. Plus they realized when they were up at that Cabin they go to, that they just can't get up the Hill with their Car if it snows. Not even if it's only a couple of Inches.

So today they went to a Dealership and scored a 2008 brand new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon - the highest-end, fanciest version of the Wrangler, complete with every Add-On for Off Roading that there is, for a price well below what it was Listed For. It is Red and very Snazzy, with a 6-speed Manual Transmission, 4-wheel Drive, and a lot of Fancy Stuff that Cats don't understand, but apparently the Male Human is quite sure it will make it up the Hill to the Cabin even if there are four feet of Snow on the ground. He and my Female Human both test-drove it and liked it. And it has Satellite Radio and a Navigation System. I don't quite know what That is all about but they are Happy. And they even said because it's the 4-door version that there is plenty of Room for Me if they decide to Bring me up There. We'll see.

It looks like this, but the Red isn't quite as Orange:

That's it for Now. I'm going to go have some Catnip and Relax. I hope you all enjoy the Remainder of your Weekends.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Baxter, you are so right about people cutting off their nose to spite their face. That's something no cate would ever do, of course.

Congratulate your humans on their jeep.

Anonymous said...

Your humans will regret buying a vehicle that uses that kind of petrol. Bad, bad move :)

Fran said...

Baxter! I love Mauigirl and I am very fond of Diva, but I am always happy when I find you here.

Oh you are very wise to understand the whole nose cutting off thing, maybe there should be a cabinet position for you?

Christopher said...


The PUMA loons are really pushing the Obama-isn't-an-American bullshit.

They're certifiably insane and likely dangerous.

I think Obama will have to step over their BS for the next 8 years because after the silly citizenship nonsense, they will invent something else.

D.K. Raed said...

That jeep looks ready to take on the steepest snowy hill. But even if it isn't, the tow truck won't have any trouble finding your RED RED RED jeep!

The citizenship BS is so stupid, no wonder Baxter can't grasp it. I thought any baby born to a mother who is a U.S. citizen is automatically a citizen, no matter WHERE they were born. Forget the fact that Hawaii is a U.S. state, forget the fact that Obama's father was here on a foreign visa, are these idiots actually trying to say Obama's MOTHER wasn't born here? Clarence Thomas is an even bigger fool than I thought (and that is a pretty damning statement).

Christopher said...

Clarence Thomas is a sad-ass Uncle Tom.

Despite Cokie Robert's confusion, Hawaii is an American state which means being born there makes you an American citizen.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the jeep! We've had a cherokee for three years and we're totally in love with it. We learned to live with the gas mileage by driving less. The money I save by not driving to work makes up for the little bit extra the jeep drinks. And anyway the typical pick-me-up truck is just as bad. Jeep owners all love their vehicles. You've joined a proud fraternity!

Mauigirl said...

Ruth, thanks, I will let my Humans know you congratulated them.

Jolly, my Female Human does feel some Carbon-Based Guilt about the mileage. It's 19 mpg on the Highway. But their Other Cars get 32+ mpg on the Highway. They are going to try to use this Jeep more for going to the Adirondacks and still try to use the Older Cars for Work most of the Time.

FranIam, if President Obama needs Me on his Cabinet, I will be Happy to Serve.

Christopher, I am Hoping that President Obama will know how to Handle the Absurdity of these Accusations and will not let them Distract him from his Job. He is Pretty Smart so I think he will deal with it.

DK, yes, and Hunters in the Woods won't mistake it for a Deer and shoot at it either! As for the Citizenship Thing, I think they are saying if his father was a Citizen of Kenya, that it makes him have Dual Allegiance to both this country and the UK (which Kenya apparently was a Colony of back then). It's absurd. I believe the 14th Amendment negates that idea, which was from the 18th Cenuty when the Country first formed. I may be a Cat, but I have studied the Constitution!

Mauigirl said...

Glenn, thanks, glad that you are a Fellow Proud Jeep Owner! The Whole Family is looking forward to enjoying the new Vehicle!

Utah Savage said...

Love that color. Thanks for the complete update Baxter. You type so well for a cat. Not meant to insult you with faint praise, but wow, man, I'm much slower than you and I claim to be human.

D.K. Raed said...

Baxter, you are a constitutional cat! I will have to get ahold of some pretty strong catnip to keep up with you!

Fran said...

Does it really take a whole Supreme Court extravaganza to verify a birth certificate?
I'm thinking there is a requirement when you apply for the job that such things must be verified.

This country has such bullshittery going on, it's hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

Baxter.. what you need to understand about us humans is that for every one who is sane and sensible there are five who are not. Those Obama haters are like cats who hate catnip. Can you imagine?

As for the knucklehead Favreau who posted the Hillary beer/boob pic, he wouldn't happened to be related to this one would he?

Please wish your human housemates much luck with their new Jeep. It looks like a sweet ride and I'm sure the CEOs of the Big 3 are appreciative of her purchase.

Anonymous said...

Baxter, you are gonna start something and my crew of nuts will be wanting their blogging time as well. And that could be dangerous as Spencer is an anarchist for sure. Congrats to the humans for teh car purchase. Very snazzy!

Tom Harper said...

Hi Baxter. Isn't it funny how conservative humans hate lawsuits and litigation, and yet it's OK for them to file one groundless lawsuit after another, with no purpose other than to keep throwing a wrench in the gears.

People are a funny species, especially that inferior subspecies known as Conservatus Dopus.

Mauigirl said...

Utah, thanks, my Humans like the red too but they're still getting used to it!

D.K., if you'd like I can send you some of my Special Stash of Catnip!

Fran, my Humans and I are Relieved that the Supreme Court declined to take up the Case. Hopefully this is Over!

Spartacus, yes, my Humans did feel good that they bought a Vehicle from Chrysler. Made in Toledo, Ohio!

Sherry, all Pets like to Blog. You should let Yours have their Chance! Although That Dog doesn't blog as much as I do, we Both enjoy it.

Tom, my Female Human was thinking the same thing, that it's funny how the GOP is SO against Litigation unless THEY are doing it!