Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Very Funny Cat Video

Baxter asked me to present you with this video of some of his species performing for the camera...mostly without realizing it.

The one that particularly amused me was the shot of the cat skittering across the water of a pond. I know Jesus was said to be able to walk on water, but didn't know cats could!

H/T to "Pokey" on Baristanet.


Christopher said...


These vids are a riot!

I would have never believed a cat could chase off a bear! A bear?

Cats are amazing little critters!

Mauigirl said...

I know! I'm not surprised about the bear...our cat Mathilda was a cat to be reckoned with. Back when we lived in our apartment a neighbor came to the door with with their Irish Setter. Mathilda happened to be by the door when we opened it, took one look at the Irish Setter, leaped on its head, hissing and growling, and the poor dog took off into the parking lot. Even after we grabbed her off his head, she jumped back on! We finally got her away from the poor dog and brought her back inside!

Odessa said...

oh, that was too funny! although i felt bad for those babies who got whacked in the head. :)

Mary Ellen said...

That was great, maugigirl! I bookmarked it to show my daughter when she comes to visit next week. She has two kittens and they are a riot, I know she'll love this video.

Oh...and when we went to visit her in the beginning of June, we had our chocolate lab with us and they gave her hell. My poor dog was getting swatted across the face or having her tail attacked the entire time we were there. Lucky for her we had a hotel room to retreat to at the end of the day.

Unknown said...

Thank you! That’s the best cat compilation video I have ever seen!

Snave said...

Great videos!

The kitties are definitely worthy of worship. The ancient Egyptians knew what they were doing!

Anonymous said...

I know , the bear run really surprised me two , that cat has mojo!

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