Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A New Link in the Blogroll

If you enjoy thinking about some of the deeper subjects in life, from science to philosophy to religion, check out All That Is, a new blog being written by Two Crows of Preserve, Protect and Defend, and Mary Ellen of The Divine Democrat.

I've added it to my blogroll under "Arts/Philosophy" and hope you'll go there if you haven't already, and start delving into it! There will be lots of food for thought and some great discussions.

Moving right along...

Now that the Pennsylvania primary is (blessedly) over, we can finally move on to...Indiana and North Carolina. No end is in sight, since Hillary Clinton won Pennsylvania as expected, and by a margin of just over 9%. It wasn't enough to be the blowout that would have really revitalized her candidacy, but was a comfortable enough margin that Obama is still not able to say he put her away. So on we go...

And now some haiku!

Hillary has won
Obama couldn't close it
Indiana's next.

The undecideds
Broke for Hillary Clinton
At the last minute.

Obama's comments
About "bitter" and "clinging"
Didn't go down well.

Indiana's next
Obama has to win it
Or it won't look good.

He is still ahead
But needs to gain momentum
As we go onward.

Clinton has a point
She wins with the good ol' boys
But at what high cost?

Now she loves hunters
And guns, shots, and lots of beer
Who is she really?

Maybe she could win
But who are we voting for?
It is hard to say.

Barack has issues
He had to go negative
So where is the change?

The Dems are worried
McCain is getting stronger
While this fight drags on.

Not much we can do
But wait and see what happens
Pray it ends by June.


Larry said...

Those things you highlight are what we have to listen to all day everyday, as the race to defeat and destroy lingers on.

Anonymous said...

Love the haiku, am very weary of the race, though I know it's a good thing for the system, it's raunchy for the Dems.

Cosa Nostradamus said...

Actually, Obama did much better this time with all groups, including white males. Exit polls revealed that all the Barack-bashing had little effect on him. Billary's negativity slashed her own lead from 30% to 9%.

I don't think Obama needs to go negative. He does need a surrogate to be his attack dog. Remind America of the uninterrupted litany of failures, defeats and humiliations the Clintons brought us throughout their eight years in the White House: Welfare reform, Don't Ask Don't Tell, HIllary's Health Care debacle, Monicagate, the Gingrich Congress: THANKS, BILLARY!!! But no thanks.

Obama needs a surrogate who can hammer home that much of Hillary's "support" is actually Republicans who will vote for McCain in November. The rest will vote Dem no matter what.

Obama's "new Democrats" will, however, stay away in droves if he is cheated out of the nomination. A vote for Billary is a vote for Bushco.

It's time someone tore into Billary for their race-baiting, party-splitting, voter-alienating, Republican-collaborating tactics. They just get fouler every day. They don't give a damn about the Party, the country or the people. And they never did.

In other words, they are Republicans.

Mauigirl said...

Larry and DCup, thanks for your comments - I think we're all very weary of it all.

Cosa, I'm glad to hear he did better with all groups - the way the media are spinning it this time it sounds otherwise. I do think he would have done even better, however, without all the media attention to his comments, which they blew out of all proportion. I really think he could have won Pennsylvania; he was on the road to completely closing the gap when all that broke.

Good idea to have a surrogate attack dog - it would solve the problem of him being perceived as going negative.

I've never been a fan of the Clintons from the moment Bill got elected and backed down from allowing gays to serve openly in the military. His "triangulation" was just another word for giving in to the right wing and becoming more like them.

I agree Obama's supporters will not vote for Hillary. I am hoping that he gets the nomination as he should.

Dr. Zaius said...

Ha! Those are great!

Media demonizes
The Democrats repeatedly
They are pink poodles.

Mauigirl said...

Dr. Z, your haiku is awesome! Thanks for the contribution!

two crows said...

hi, Mauigirl--
thanks for the link. and backatcha! :)

the haiku are awesome!
I'm so weary of it all -- that's why I started All that Is in the first place. I just couldn't face my polit-blog any longer.

Tom Harper said...

The last I heard, Hillary and Obama are tied in the polls for Indiana. Is this ever gonna end? Maybe the nomination won't be decided until the Democratic Convention, for the first time since God knows when. In a way it's interesting to have the race dragging on and bringing out different issues. Let's hope that whoever ultimately wins will be toughened up and not weakened by all the negative attacks.

Nice haiku.

Anonymous said...

Although I would certainly vote for Clinton if she were the nominee (and remind any who didn't that they had just chosen to knife their own throats,) I'd have just about no enthusiasm for it.

She could have run an aboveboard campaign and actually pushed her respectability numbers way UP, win or lose. Instead, she chose the Klanservative/Chimpleton smear path, and deserves to be remembered just as we will remember Chimpy, as a person of no honor.

Mauigirl said...

Two Crows, thanks - and I know how you feel, it is getting harder to think what to say anymore about this mess.

Tom, let's hope the result is positive for whoever wins. I think 1968 was the last time the nominee was decided at the convention - and the outcome was not in our favor!

Jolly Roger, I agree completely. I will certainly vote for her if she got the nomination, but as you say, it will be without enthusiasm. She really has disappointed me with the way she acted in this campaign.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"written by Two Crows of Preserve, Protect and Defend, and Mary Ellen of The Divine Democrat."
I went to that excellent blog, spent a half hour I didn't have reading, but I didn't see anything by The Catholic That Roars.:) Is this just getting off the ground?

Mauigirl said...

Hi Future, yes indeed, it is new, but Mary Ellen has posted. Go back about two or three entries and I think you'll see one of hers.

two crows said...

hey, future--
Mary Ellen just posted her newest.
she's been really busy lately and, in fact, is leaving town for a few days so will be out again for a while.

fwiw -- she's got 3 posts at All that Is at the moment-- when she gets back maybe
we can figure out some icons so people can tell at a glance which is which.

right now the simplest rule is: if it's all things Catholic, it's by ME. if it's heretical it's mine. :)
and the name of the poster is at the bottom of each post.
meanwhile, anybody up for breaking into her house in her absence and hunting for that elusive stash? ONE of these these times we've got to get lucky! :)-~