Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cruising the Internets

Today is the first day we haven't driven an hour each way to see DH's parents. They are now both ensconced in the same nursing home, my father-in-law for "rehabilitation" from his emergency operation and my mother-in-law still in respite care due to her Alzheimer's Disease. My father-in-law is very glad to be with her again, and since they now have each other, we decided to take a break and relax today.

So, I started meandering, in my eponymous way, among the Interwebs. Christopher had advised me that there is a "Cats 4 Obama" site that Baxter might be interested in joining. So I decided to do a little Googling and see if I could find it. I found a number of sites when I searched on "Cats for Obama" and some of them were quite interesting, so I thought I'd share them with you.

The Purple Crayon reports that Socks the Cat (formerly owned by the Clintons) has endorsed Obama for President.

"Socks’ succinctly worded statement, “You choose Buddy, I’m choosing Barack... Meow!”, may allude to lingering resentment over the Clintons’ decision to move First Dog Buddy to Chappaqua, NY instead of Socks.

(Buddy was tragically struck and killed by a car in January of 2002 and thus is not expected to cast a delegate ballot during the nominating convention in Denver, Colorado this summer.)

How this endorsement will affect Senator Clinton’s standing with cat-lovers remains to be seen."

This link will bring you to a video of a lovely cat speaking in a meow-like high-pitched voice in support of Obama.

I found The Irregular Times, which is a progressive blog which also sells bumper stickers for Obama, and plenty of other pro-progressive merchandise. Here is an example of one of their bumper stickers I found amusing:

I also found another blog written by cats who, like Baxter, like to talk politics and discuss other subjects of feline interest: Cats Working. The linked entry, written by a white cat named Adele, explains why she would not support Hillary.

Last but not least, I found LOLCats4Obama, which seems to be early in its development but will hopefully grow!

I'm not sure I found the site Christopher recommended, but I had a good time looking!


david santos said...

Hello, Mauigirl!
Thanks for your posting and have a good weekend

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mauigirl!

Just for the record, I haven't actually endorsed Obama (because he's officially Yul's candidate (one black cat supporting another) and I'm not ready to give Yul the satisfaction of coming over to his side) quite yet. But I have lost the thrill at having a fellow white female - Hillary - run for president.

On the other hand, if you read our blog, I think you'll quickly realize you won't be finding any Cats for McCain or Huckabee there!


Fran said...

The catlolz for Obama was hilarious. I hope it takes off.

As for me- I can't get myself to endorse either candidate. Oh yes- I will vote for whoever gets the nomination, but I am not thrilled either way.

Glad that you guys have had a break. It is a very tough situation and I send you my every good thought and wish.

Mauigirl said...

Hi David, thanks, and I hope you have a good weekend too!

Adele of CatsWorking, so sorry for my jumping to conclusions! I will publish a retraction! I will definitely be checking out your blog in the future!

Fran, thanks, glad you liked it! And thanks for your good wishes - mine go out to you too - hope your house closing goes through uneventfully!

Mauigirl said...

Adele, I have corrected the statement to read "why she does not support Hillary." ;-)

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Don't be so sure about Buddy's ballot just yet. Some strange stuff happens at our ballot boxes lately.:) Check the Chicago voters rolls, in particular.:P

Mauigirl said...

Future, That is a good point. The dead certainly do vote in some elections!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mauigirl,

Thanks for making the correction. Once Fred, Yul and I sit down and discuss it (Yul's got a cold right now so we're avoiding him), I feel sure we'll be officially supporting Obama. (Yes, you read it here first!).


Liz Hinds said...

You can't blame Socks. Cats have long memories.

denverdoc said...

MG: Not completely related to your post, but more with respect to your internet meandering. You are the commenter extraordinaire! I always appreciate your visits to know that I have a live audience. Thanks.

Mauigirl said...

Adele, I'm honored that you are choosing this venue to announce your (probable) endorsement!

Liz, no, I don't blame Socks at all. I believe the abandonment of Socks is one of the reasons Baxter feels he cannot endorse Hillary.

Femaildoc, I always enjoy - and learn from - your blog. And I feel as if one of the great things about Blogdom is the way they create communities and interaction among people. It's fun to "meet" so many people from around the world on line!

Larry said...

Very unique, Cats for Obama.

pissed off patricia said...

Wonder what animals will endorse McCain?

Distributorcap said...

my george says he is changing his name to Michelle. he has been acting very strange lately

Mauigirl said...

Larry, it will be interesting to see which way the dogs decide to vote. Diva is leaning to Hillary.

POP, that is a question that could have some interesting answers...I'll give it some thought!

DCap,welcome back from your trip. Does George have some hormone problems perhaps? ;-) It's OK, Baxter will still be his friend even if he changes to Michelle...

Unknown said...

Thank you!

I've enjoyed following these links.

Leslie: said...

Interesting and amusing post! :D

dguzman said...

My cats are refusing to even participate in the elections until true democracy is restored and they regain their right to daily catnip. They're trying to convince me that BushCo did an executive signing statement and made even medicinal use of the 'nip illegal.

TomCat said...

Now, if only we could eliminate human suffrage. ;-)

Mauigirl said...

Thanks, Leslie and Nick - glad you enjoyed it!

DGuzman, I guess you can't blame your cats if they are being denied their right to catnip! Did you tell them sometimes they have to work within the system to get what they want? ;-)

Tomcat, your suggestion is good. If the world were actually run by cats rather than humans, there would be more naps and fewer wars. We all know cats believe that discretion is the better part of valor and would rather live to fight another day than to pick a fight now.

GBP })i({ said...

As a cat love, you MUST know about I Can Has Cheezeburger, right?


Mauigirl said...

Hi Bert, yes indeed! I love all the great cat pix and captions!

Anonymous said...

o hai!
it luuk liek dat obamakat site iz ded
iz okay tho--our obamakitteh site iz better! plz do come 2 see! obawma 08!