Thursday, October 18, 2007

Weekend Getaway

We are going to the wilderness for four days - no internet access! I am not sure I will survive the withdrawal symptoms, but will try. I'm bringing plenty of books.

We are staying at a place called Sheltered Lakes, which is in the lower/central Adirondacks about four hours from our house. Miss Diva is coming with us and I'm sure will find it very exciting.

We've never been up there before so it should be a nice respite from our hectic lives. It looks like this:

Very peaceful. With a lake for Diva to chase her ball and swim around in. So a good time should be had by all, especially her. Hopefully it will cheer DH and me up a bit to be away, after all that has happened this week.

If I can't get ahold of a faint scrap of wi fi or find a cyber cafe' somewhere, I will be out of touch for a few days. Enjoy your weekends and I'll catch up when I return.


Distributorcap said...

what a nice weekend
can i hide in your suitcase

Larry said...

Have a nice weekend, we never know how few times like these we have remaining.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"can i hide in your suitcase"
Make Distributer Cap quit stealing my lines!:)

Do yourself a favor. Don't look for that wi fi cafe. Yes, the first day or so you'll be eating grass, talking to stones, and chasing your shadow, but after that, you're gonna get the shock of your life! Nature doesn't need the Internet to put on the greatest show ever seen! Trust me please. I would never lie about something like that.

My wife "unpacked" me for our vacation last year. The following stayed home: Laptop. Blackberry. PDA. Pager. CD player. DVD player. Battery operated TV. And the very umbilical cord of life: my cell phone!! I thought to myself "My God, I've pissed her off once too often! She's gonna haul me out in the backwoods and watch me die a slow and horrible death!

But you know what? Grass doesn't taste all that bad, stones never sass back, and I got a lot of good exercise, even if I never did catch my shadow.

And we had the greatest two unconnected weeks of our lives! It was nearly a spiritual experience, I lie not.

PunditMom said...

Enjoy! It looks beautiful!

Mary Ellen said...

Enjoy your vacation and don't worry about your blog! I know I shouldn't speak for others, but...we'll all miss you, but we'll be back!

Have fun!

Fran said...

Have fun Mauigirl! If you want, stop by, we are right off the Northway!

Mauigirl said...

Hi all,
After one day of believing we had no internet access - strongly supported by the undeniable fact that we have NO cell phone service - DH booted up his computer just to see what would happen, and lo and behold, there is wi fi available. Maybe from a nearby house, or perhaps the office of the manager of the cabins.

I am going to try to follow Future's advice and enjoy the nature and peace here, but it's good to know I have some access to the outside world!

And, being newspaper junkies and nowhere near a convenience store, DH is very happy (as am I) that he can access his NY Times online.

I have, however, already read half a book - an interesting new book on Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, by Janet Malcolm, called "Two Lives" - and intend to focus on reading most of the weekend!

The grounds here are lovely - the cabin is rustic, the lake just as pictured on the website, and the air smells of pine and wood smoke. It's almost like camping but with a shower and kitchen, LOL! (About as close to camping as I like to get).

We have managed to build a fire in our fireplace, after being spoiled by a friend's fireplace that lights with the flip of a switch. I was a Girl Scout, and my training is coming back to me!

Today Miss Diva will get to go swimming so she will have lots of fun.

Have a good weekend!

Beverly said...

Hey girlfriend! Sorry I haven't been by but been so busy with the Draft Gore movement. Love ya and am awarding you both the Best Kept Secret and Breakout Blogger Awards, here is the link to get yours:

Enjoy and have a fantastic day!

Beverly said...

And because you're so great I'm presenting the "Totally Fabulous" award to you too, which you can pick up here:

Evil Spock said...

Very jealous. Evil Spock just hid from the blog under a pile of clean towels. That's a vacation in Evil Spock's world.

Btw, sorry about your friend.

Mauigirl said...

Thanks, Beverly, for the two awards! I'm blushing!

Evil Spock, at least you have clean towels. All mine are dirty! (And thanks for your sympathy about my friend.)

pissed off patricia said...

Oh wait! I can pack fast. I want to go too. Oh shoot, you left without me. I hope it was a wonderful trip.

pissed off patricia said...

Those rates look reasonable as hell to a Floridian. I would be very interested to know more about this place. It looks like heaven to me.

Mauigirl said...

POP, yes, the rates were very reasonable and the location wonderful. I'd recommend springing for the "main cabin" which seems to have more amenities than the more rustic cabins. Ours had everything you need, but the bathroom and kitchen were very small! ;-) We plan to go back next year and will try to book that larger cabin next time.