Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11

The date continues to haunt us. It's been six years. Yet when I hear the names being read on the radio, the recordings of the commentary from that day, I'm there again. It's as if no time has passed. I don't even need to see the replays on television; the views of the explosions and burning towers are imprinted permanently on my brain.

At least today wasn't a beautiful, crystal clear September day with a heartbreakingly beautiful blue sky. Clouds and rain are almost welcome today; instead of being depressing, as rainy days usually are, it's a relief. At least the day isn't a carbon copy of that day.

So...I picked a heck of a day for a blogoversary, didn't I? Yes, that's right - my first post was on September 11 of 2006. I didn't even know what a blogoversary was, or that they are celebrated in the Blogosphere.

I chose September 11 to post my very first blog entry because I had written a description of where I was on September 11 as a comment on our local town blog, Baristanet. so I decided to use that as my first post on my blog. (I had recently found out about blogging from my neighbor, and was curious to see what it was all about. So I randomly set up a blog, named it and posted my description of what happened on September 11, 2001).

The next day, I had to think of something else to say, and found it hard. But as time went on, I started to understand what worked and what didn't, and, to my excitement, I had my first comments. I installed Sitemeter and started looking to see how people got here. It's been fascinating to be connected in even a small way to people all over the world. It's been a long year already, and I've so enjoyed getting to know fellow bloggers and have been discovering so many excellent blogs.

Now it has been one year, and given the date, I will just commemorate it by reposting my first post, below:

Monday, September 11, 2006

It doesn't seem like five years ago.

I was at an early morning meeting in my company's other office in Tarrytown, New York listening to presentations by vendors. The first meeting had just ended and another vendor was setting up when the first group came back and said they didn't want to be the bearer of bad tidings, but that a plane had struck one of the World Trade Center towers. We all got up and went into a central area where people were watching the television. My first thought was "what a terrible mistake the air traffic controller must have made." But when the second plane hit we knew something was terribly wrong.

We tried to continue with the second presentation (this being corporate America) but shortly into it someone came in and said "They're gone. Both towers are gone." We didn't understand how that could be but then we all went to watch the TV and saw that it was true. No further presentations took place and we all just watched as the coverage continued.My husband worked in the city at that time, not far from lower Manhattan, but I couldn't reach him by cell phone because by then the cell phone circuits were all overwhelmed. I checked my voicemail at work, and found to my relief that he had left me a message that he was OK.

By noon those of us from New Jersey decided to head back home. I was nervous going over the Tappan Zee bridge - looking above me for any planes coming out of the sky. I'll never forget how beautiful the weather was that day - to this day any time there is a crystal clear blue sky and a certain feel to the air, I think of 9/11. I'll never view a day like that again without a sense of foreboding. Today, appropriately, was much like that day.

My husband was one of the lucky ones - he got out of Manhattan by about 3 p.m. and was able to let me know that he'd be taking a train from Penn Station to South Orange. I went to pick him up and on the way back had my only view of the towers burning - from a bridge with a view of Manhattan. My husband, however, had seen the second plane hit, people falling from the towers, and saw the towers collapse. It was from a distance but seeing something live is very different from seeing it on television. He wasn't himself for a long time.

The days after that are a blur - all I remember is it being very very quiet as no planes flew over except for the occasional fighter jet; the sky continued to be that almost supernaturally clear blue. We read account after account of people's experiences in the newspapers, unable to stop reading about it.

It feels odd to be working on this day, and going about our usual business. But today is also the anniversary of a friend of mine; children's birthdays are being celebrated; and meetings are taking place that had to be scheduled because it was the only time people were available.

I suppose people felt like this on December 7th for a very long time but now we don't think about it that much anymore. I guess eventually that will happen for September 11. But not to anyone who lost someone or remembers it personally.


That Girl said...

happy bloggiversary!!!

Mauigirl said...


Fran said...

Thank you so much for this and what a day for your blogversary.

We are veritable neighbors. I am in Nyack half the time, Albany the other half. I cross the TZ when I go to the city as I take Metro North from T-town where your office is or was.

This is a great piece and I am so glad to have had the chance to read it.

I couldn't agree more about the rain, just talking to a friend of mine about that a little while ago.

Thanks Mauigirl and peace.

Liz said...

Happy Blogoversary.

Wow, two connections here - I went to college in Tarrytown and I live in Red Bank - my friends live in Montclair and LOVE Barista net.

Mauigirl said...

Thanks for your comments, Fran. I actually work with a woman who lives in Nyack. You may even know her! The office in Tarrytown is just one of our company's offices; I work in the New Jersey branch. In fact, I hadn't been back to Tarrytown since 9/11, until I took a training course there a few weeks ago. I was a little freaked out going back there, but it was OK, especially since it was not a sunny day with a blue sky.

Thanks, Edw, it is a small world!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I'm sorry your "birthday" has to be on such an emotional day, but I'm certainly delighted that the blogs gained such a great writer! Happy Birthday!!

Mauigirl said...

Thanks, Future! I really appreciate it! I'm so glad I discovered this whole world that I didn't even know about before except for reading about it in articles here and there.

I owe it all to my neighbor, because I hadn't ever looked at a blog until she told me about hers.

Larry said...

Hope you had a nice blogiversary, and now that you are fully entrenched into the blogosphere, you have seen the power of just one voice.

Evil Spock said...

Happy bloggy anniversary!

People won't ever forget. Its what people remember that disturbs Evil Spock the most.

Liz Hinds said...

Happy blogiversary!

What a great post your first one was. I could feel that sense of shock and the stunned stillness. Great writing.

Mauigirl said...

Larry, thanks - you're right, it does make me feel as if what we say matters.

Evil Spock - thanks, and I know what you mean. Unfortunately a lot of the time people remember what they've been told about 9/11 rather than the truth (e.g., Iraq had nothing to do with it is the truth).

Liz, thanks for the compliment.

Larry said...

Crooks and Liars:

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Flood the Switchboards Before It's Too Late.

John Amato at Crooks and Liars has credible info that an attack is coming soon, so we need to get it stopped now.

splord said...

Happy first blogoversary! (A day late)

Mauigirl said...

Larry, it sure does sound as if that's the plan. Thanks for the phone #, will call.

Phydeaux, thanks for the blogoversary wishes!

Odessa said...

hi mauigirl! just catching up on your entries. happy blogoversary!!! =)