Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spring is finally here...

...and with a vengeance. After about 6 days of cold rain from the worst Northeaster in years, it was suddenly 80 degrees today. I had a dream last night that I was going to get a pedicure. I think I'll make it come true tomorrow! It is definitely sandal time.

The unrelenting deluge we had on Sunday and Monday caused the usual leak we get in our sunporch ceiling to become a steady stream. The buckets and the plastic tarp over the couch were not enough; the water managed to splash all over the carpet behind the couch. As a result, the entire sunporch has an unmistakable odor to it, similar to cat pee. Since I know it isn't cat pee (our Baxter is not That Type of Cat - no spraying for him!) I know it must be mold from the damp carpet. So today we just kept the porch door closed so the rest of the house wouldn't be contaminated and we are trying to dry it out by leaving the ceiling fan on. Let's hope it works!

I can't complain - many people in our area got a foot of water in their basements, and luckily ours remained bone dry.

It is amazing how influential the weather is on my mood. Being able to sit in our yard and have our breakfast, not having to wear a coat, and just being able to wake up to sunshine instead of another grey, gloomy day, makes all the difference.

So, here's to Spring! Let's hope it is finally here to stay.

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RUTH said...

I hope everything is drying out ok. We need rain but not that much!