Wednesday, November 08, 2006

We won!

"How sweet it is" as Jackie Gleason used to say. For once all the pre-election hype and the polls weren't wrong. People really ARE sick of this administration and really did throw the Republicans out. It doesn't get any better than this (except maybe if the Democrats won the Presidency).

Of course, now comes the hard part: Actually coming up with a plan to get out of Iraq and an agenda to really push. Most of the Democrats who won, simply won on the basis of Bush backlash. I haven't seen a clear plan presented by my party as to what they would do instead. But at least I know they will be supportive of choice, stem cell research, the environment, the middle class, and all the other things I support. So that's the main thing.

Having just one party in power in the House, Senate and Presidency is just too much power in one place, and as the old adage goes, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." Now the system of checks and balances will be back in place where it belongs.

We had a good time last night watching the election returns with my mother. Yes, I'm a politics junkie. I'm not as bad as my 88-year-old mother though; she's the one who invited us over to watch the returns with her in the first place. She has C-Span or CNN on all day in her senior citizen apartment even on a normal day. So I picked up some Indian food at our favorite Indian restaurant and we chowed down on that while we watched CNN. It was pretty exciting to see the blue piling up inexorably until the House was taken.

And then to wake up this morning and hear that the Senate may have also gone to the Democrats was a pleasant surprise, followed by the even more pleasant news about Rumsfeld resigning. I think the tide is turning...

Hope you don't mind me going political on you but it's part of who I am! I am open to either party if the right person is running -- but the Republicans haven't been running anybody I could vote for for a very long time.


Anonymous said...

I dont know much about American politics; in fact I've lost track of British politics lately! Glad it went your way. A member of our family has served in Iraq and lost a few collegues so understand the fears and heartache of those who have loved ones serving over there.
Take care

Icarus said...

HI, M-G52, Now Iunderstand the name better!
As a Brit-in-exile lifelong political junky (my univ. degree - French & Spanish/LatAmerican Politics - actually has as the special subject "US Interventionism in Lat/Central America, 1902-1983"....ouch!!), whose exile became political when Blair finally went too far in poodling along behind the Bush gang, I'm wondering if you also realise that when you vote Blue, you're also carrying the weight of most of the rest of the world along with you inot the ballot box? So on behalf of the planet,I say a BIG thanks to Mauigirl52!!!! Finish the job off next time in 2008! And if you can find a way of getting rid of at leats Cheney before then, it would be nice too!