Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hello from San Francisco

This will be a short entry since I am sitting at a computer in a cybercafe for which I am being charged $2 per 15 minutes. But just wanted to check in.

The picture to your left is of the Caffe Trieste, one of our favorite coffee shops in San Francisco. However, it is not the cybercafe, which is called Cup 'o Joe.

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner at our house. Our good friends E and M (names abbreviated to protect their innocence) came for dinner along with my mom and aunt, and DH's parents. I actually managed to get enough ready ahead of time that I got all the food ready simultaneously, and the turkey was done at the time I thought it would be done. That doesn't always happen for me.

E made homemade cranberry sauce and M made his signature dish, pot au feu (a type of French pudding or moussey thing) but with a Thanksgiving twist - it was pumpkin pie flavored. It was really good.

DH did a yeoman's job cleaning up the rest of the dining room (yes, we did most of it last Sunday and then he finished it up on Wednesday, which he took off). He also set the table and prepared hors d'ouevres and went to pick up my aunt and mother. He is a great husband.

Everyone left with a "care" package of turkey, stuffing, green beans, sweet potato casserole, and mashed potatoes, and E took home the carcass of the turkey to make soup at a later date. We did three loads of dishes and then got up the next day, packed, and took off for San Francisco.

Since arriving we have been enjoying our usual pursuits, walking around North Beach, going to the Saloon to hear our favorite band, Johnny Nitro and the Doorslammers, and generally eating a lot and drinking lots of latte and cappuccino. So far we still consider Caffe Trieste to have the best, although Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store Restaurant is a close second.

Today, sadly, it is raining, but we have managed to have a great time anyway. There's no such thing as a bad time in San Francisco. We took the F train to the Castro and had a great brunch at a little restaurant we'd eaten at before called "Welcome Home." Then we went to the Ferry Building and poked around the markets there all day before arriving here for afternoon beer (for DH) and tea for me.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! More soon....

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Anonymous said...

I really shoudn't have read this post. Now I'm craving Turkey! Will have to wait till Christmas though which is when we traditionally have turkey. Glad Thanksgiving went well.