Thursday, August 19, 2010

Diva's Turn - A Happy Ending Tale and a New Cat

Hi everybody! I haven't written here for awhile because Mommy and Daddy have been keeping me really busy lately, driving up to the cabin in the woods and back again every weekend. But I have some things to tell you about and am really happy to be here!

The best news is that because I'm so friendly I got another Pit Bull saved from a shelter! Here's what happened. Our town has something they call a Cruise Night on Wednesday evenings in the summer, where all kinds of people come with big old fashioned cars and hang around and they play loud music and everyone is in a good mood. The street is closed off and they let Daddy and me walk around in the street and I get to meet people. My favorite thing!

So one Wednesday evening we were walking and met a woman that Daddy knew from town. Of course I loved her right away. I love all people! Especially women! Of course I was on my best behavior as always, and wearing my purple harness with my matching purple bandana, and when I met the woman and her friend who was with her, my tail wagged so hard my butt almost fell off. They both loved me, of course. Who wouldn't?

As always, Daddy told my story, how I was adopted from The Animal Farm Foundation, which rescues Pit Bull Terriers from shelters and trains them and adopts them out to be what they call Breed Ambassadors. I try really hard to be the best Breed Ambassador I can be and I am always calling attention to myself to let everyone know how friendly I am. I even wag at passing cars if they slow down. After all, they might be friends I haven't met yet and they might want to stop and pat me!

As it turned out, the woman was considering getting a dog. And because she met me and was so impressed with what a great dog I am, she went to the Bukowski Animal Shelter and adopted a fellow Pit Bull Terrier - Lola Grace! Here is her picture. As you can see, she is enjoying living the good life just as I do!

So that is my good news!

The other news is, my Mommy and Daddy seem to have gotten a new cat. It's not even half the size of the other one we have, that big one they call Baxter. He knows his place and lets me chase him all over the house if I feel like it. But this little orange one they call Zoe is another story! The first time I came over to see her when she was in Mommy's lap, she made a big hissing noise and smacked me on the eyebrow. I try to avoid her whenever possible now, but if I come near her, instead of moving out of my way or running, as Baxter would do, this one just stands there. In fact, sometimes she goes out of her way to come in my direction or even smack me again! It's not very nice. But I just try to keep out of her way and will make the best of it as I always do.

For some reason they bring her up to the cabin with us and she acts as if she owns the place. I was there first. But I guess I can put up with it since Mommy and Daddy still take me on great walks in the woods and give me plenty of treats.

Another thing we get to do when we go to the cabin is go to a restaurant in a nearby town where we can sit outside while my Mommy and Daddy eat, and they let me come too! They even give me water and biscuits to keep me happy while we're there. I love going there! Everyone is lined up waiting to greet me when I arrive! And they are always glad to see me! Mommy and Daddy say they have good beer there too. I wouldn't know as I'm not allowed to drink beer, although it smells good to me.

We went to Cape Cod in June and I had a great time swimming in Depot Pond at the cottages we stay at. The Other Daddy came too, the one that seems to be my Daddy's father. He had fun too. I got to go on lots of walks and meet lots of people! My favorite thing!

Every morning we would walk to the little store on the corner and Daddy would go inside and come back out with a bag while Mommy stayed with me. Sometimes people would come up and say hello to me! I love that! A couple of times Mommy walked me there by herself and didn't go into the store. She wanted to just turn around and go back to the cottage, but I wouldn't leave until we waited outside the store long enough for someone to say hello to me. After all, isn't that why we go there? I also like waiting outside because sometimes a nice man will come out and give me a biscuit. It's disappointing on those days he doesn't do that. But if I get to say hello to someone that is enough for me.

The other really neat thing about Cape Cod is rabbits. They are all over the grounds of the cottages and I love seeing them. Mommy and Daddy don't let me off the leash so I never get to actually catch one. But I love to stalk them and then do a quick run until they hop away into the bushes!

Even though I love woodsy areas I also love being in cities and towns! We go to a place called Provincetown and walk up and down the street there. Lots of people stop and pat me. And there are lots of other dogs. There is even a big stuffed wolf in front of one of the stores! The first time I saw and smelled it I thought it was real! My hackles went up and I went over to it very cautiously. Then I realized how silly I'd been. It wasn't alive after all. Now I studiously ignore it when we go by.

When I'm home, if I'm not getting a walk in the park, I've been spending my time hanging out on the deck in my fenced yard, barking occasionally when the neighbors walk their dogs by my house, and on the hot days, Mommy or Daddy fill my pool and I chase the ball into the water and get wet. I love jumping in the pool! And it cools me off!

So that's what I've been doing this summer. How has your summer been?


Lisa Wines said...

ADOGable. I want pics of the kitties toooo.

lisahgolden said...

You guys have been so busy! Good busy, it sounds like.

Suzi Riot said...

Good job Diva (and your mom too)! You're a great breed ambassador, showing everyone that pit bulls are fun and loving companions.

KGMom said...

Diva--life is GOOD when you have two cats in your life.
Good for you for behaving so well you saved another dog.

LeftLeaningLady said...

What an awesome breed ambassador. Of course, I am prejudiced, because my favorite dog is named Lola, also. You, Diva, are a wonder. It sounds like you have had a Summer of Fun! Keep it up. But post more pictures and blog more often!!!!!

BullDogs3 said...

The very first time I met you I knew you were going to be a great Ambassador. I am so thankful you and your Mom and Dad found each other. You are a PERFECT MATCH. Keep writing Little D., but most importantly, keep on being YOU! xxoo

susan said...

That was a great story from your wonderful Ambassador terrier. I only wish I could have a dog.

Summer goes on yet a while but things should be a bit cooler from now on.

nonnie9999 said...

diva, you're a good puppy! if you were here, i'd give you a biscuit, too.

Distributorcap said...

diva we need more ambassadors like you and maybe you should be in charge of this whole country

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Spadoman said...

Man, you got it made in the shade. Your Mommy and daddy sound like really nice people. I mean, they take you everywhere, and they let people pet you. I bet you lick their hands and get all kinds of great tastes.
Wish I'd get petted on the head now and then. It would make me feel great, especially if the women did it. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind the attention from the guys either, in fact, I don't care what people are sayin' about me as ling as they're sayin' sumthin'.
My summer is over way too fast, but then again, I have done a lot of traveling and short motorcycle trips. This week,m we're taking thre grandkids on the last trip of summer vacation and going to a water park and then to my sister's place and a museum.
After that, school starts for the kiddies and I'll be home all alone all day and looking for something to do.
Tell Mommy and dayy that I appreciate hearing things about their life and thanl them for sharing.