Monday, June 22, 2009

High Expectations for Barack Obama

Jib-Jab has an amusing new video about Obama being here to save the world. Unfortunately we really do have these high expectations for him and he will need to do a lot to live up to them. Let's hope he will really do what he said he will. So far he hasn't been a superhero in quite a few areas of concern. But the video is fun anyway - love the flapping ears while he flies!

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Christopher said...

I think it's because we have such high expectations for Obama that when things don't go as planned, we tend to be especially disappointed and angry.

But let's be real.

I am not seeing much Congressional help for the president on the part of the Democrats. Obama's homegirl, Nanny Pelosi, is useless and keeps getting her ass handed to her after making stupid as shit comments about the CIA and the Blue Dog Dems are just up to their usual obstructionist ploys.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I've been worried about the high expectations. No one could live up to them.

Mauigirl said...

Christopher, you've hit the nail on the head. The higher the expectations the harder it is when things don't go exactly as we'd hoped. And to your point, the Democratic Congress hasn't been much help.

Ruth, you're right, and that is why despite some disappointments I am still rooting for him.

Fran said...

Obama had an idea of what he was stepping into when he signed up for the job, but the last minute financial "Chernobyl-like" meltdown iced the cake.
It's like he took the job when the country was left in smoldering ruins.
I get there there are too many major issues in crisis to fix everything all at once, but there are some other things that just don't make sense to me.... like escalation in Afghanistan and Gay rights issues.
Still, I know we are much better off than if we had the other party at the helm.

What bothers me about the wars is we are essentially bankrupt, in dire need of healthcare for about 50 million uninsured, but we still find money for not one but two wars.

What is the exit plan for our 8 year stint in Afghanistan, & 6 years in Iraq?
Funding for wars always gets approved..... over $800 billion since 2001, but healthcare.... just too expensive.

At some point we have to connect the dots as to why we don't have the money for healthcare.

LeftLeaningLady said...

I tried to post this one and couldn't for some reason, so I am really glad to see it out here. I love JibJab and this cartoon is adorable.

My main issue with the President is that I thought I was getting a lefty, not a centrist. I thought he was going to go in there, balls to the wall, and get things going, not worry about appeasing the crazies in Congress or on the right.

I do believe in compromise, but some things are not worth it. DOMA, DADT and Gitmo need to GO! The troops need to come home and the poor in this country need help. With healthcare, with education, with FOOD.

I don't see how any of these issues should be compromised on.l

KGMom said...

He sure does have a lot on his proverbial plate. It makes me mad when people criticize how much he is handling. I feel like yelling--look at the mess he was left with.
As for his going slow, or his compromises, I remind myself--if he were not president, these issues would not even be considered.

Mary Ellen said...

Is it really considered "high expectations" when Obama doesn't follow through on his campaign promises? Why shouldn't those who voted for him expect him to do as he promised? Or are campaign promises nothing but empty rhetoric in order to gain office and do as he pleases?

Obama knew what was going to be "on his plate" when he got into office. It's time to start taking responsibility for the mess he's making...he owns it. If he succeeds, he will get credit, if he fails...he should also take credit for that failure.

Bee said...

I wrote quite a bit after the election that the "superman" ideology had to go - it would be impossible for the man to live up to the expectations that were in place. At the end of the day, he's human. And he's still not Bush. Frankly, that's the best I was hoping for.

JibJab is a hoot!! :)

Comrade Kevin said...

As others have said, he's a lot more Super than the other guy.

Christopher said...

I agree, Bee.

Obama isn't Bush and thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster, he isn't McCain or Palin.

We can push Obama and get things done.

Anonymous said...

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