Monday, April 13, 2009

Blogging Difficulties!

I owe a blog post for the Blog Against Theocracy; and for that matter, it's been almost a week since my last post. To be honest, I just hadn't gotten the muse over the weekend what with getting ready for Easter dinner and grocery shopping and various other excursions.

Now I had determined to sit down and write my blog post against theocracy. But this is what my screen looks like right now (imagine that the screen behind Baxter is my blog in its current new format).

I had a whole theme in mind for what I was going to write about. But how can I concentrate with this in front of my screen?

So I guess I'll have to leave my theocracy post for tomorrow. In the meantime, isn't it great that the Obamas have finally gotten their dog? Here is the full story of how this particular Portuguese Water Dog ended up in the White House. Although the Obamas did not get the First Dog from a shelter, Bo was kind of a rescue - he was originally adopted by someone who had an older dog of the same breed and let's just say things didn't quite work out. (The older dog did not appreciate the puppy thinking that perhaps she was his mother).

So all was well that ended well - Bo is now the most famous dog in the country and the Obama girls have their puppy, which, after all, is the point of it all.

Tomorrow I hope to post my belated Theocracy blog post. Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Utah Savage said...

Hum? I was spelling it Beau. Oh well.

Looking forward to you post about the Theocrats.

Fran said...

Baxter stages his own revolution! I am the cat... what else is there really???

Viva la Cat!

Unknown said...

My kitteh's try to sit in front of my laptop..It's not advisable as I don't take kindly to interruptions. ;p

Annette said...

Baxter says.. No writing today.. It is petting day and you will pay attention to

What a ham he is...

Annette said...

Sorry, got carried away with Yes, I agree with you about Bo, I too think he is a rescue, since he didn't work out with the first family then to be placed with the Obama's just worked perfectly.

That makes him a 2nd chance puppy and therefore a rescue. How much nicer can it be than that?

Christopher said...

If your Muse is dragging her feet vis a vis Blog against Theocracy, just contemplate the Catholic Church or Islam.

Those two topics alone can keep me busy for a week.