Monday, February 16, 2009

Haiku Monday

I'm kind of adrift today. I took the day off, but my company is working so I don't dare ignore my e-mail. On the other hand, I have no intention of doing actual work, so I have spent the day so far reading blogs, playing around on Facebook (my new addiction) and doing laundry.

Oh yes, we also walked the dog. Yes, this dog. (See below for gratuitous picture of Diva looking cute).
Moving along. I am tired of hearing the Republicans whine about the "wasteful spending" in the Stimulus Bill when they have wasted our money for the past eight years and I don't have the energy to actually blog about it so I am going to just post some haiku and call it a day!

A Series of Haiku Entitled "Republican Thoughts"

Hear them all whining
"It's generational theft!"
What about Iraq?

Billions and billions
For murdering Iraqis
And that was OK?

But spending at home?
Oh, no, that's Socialism!
A total disgrace!

Money spent on war
They all call patriotic
Must support the troops!

Spend it on the poor?
Or even the middle-class?
That's Socialism!

Pinko liberal scum
Spending taxpayers' money
On their commie schemes!

Rebuilding the roads?
Funding mass transit projects?
Not patriotic.

Must have more tax cuts!
It's the one way to survive!
Nothing else will do.

If you don't listen
We'll all just filibuster
You know that it's true.


(Hey that last pair even had a rhyme!)

Hope those of you who are off from work today are enjoying your holiday and the rest of you poor souls are having a quiet day at work!


Annette said...

And us poor bums who sit around all day doing nothing are just At least I I always enjoy reading what you write.

And like you I am sick of their whining too... But I was sick of it two weeks If they had something to whine about it would be different.

Dave Dubya said...

Right on, Sister!

Wonderful Haiku outrage!

Very eloquent.

Odessa said...

great haikus! i am sick of their self-righteous whining too. argh.

but thank God for holidays and time to sit around and not do anything, right? FB is my current drug of choice, i'm hooked. we should be friends on FB :)

Anonymous said...

You said it alright!!

(And I must tell you.... Baxter is one smart and beautiful kitty.... I agree totally!)

themom said...

If my dog looked at me like that, after a walk..I would be very afraid.

The haiku is spot on. Lying scheming bastards.

Utah Savage said...

You are the mistress of political Haiku. Best series ever.

I congratulate you on that healthy attitude toward "working" at home.

Anonymous said...

how ironic! you wrote very fitting haiku, and the rethugs having to flail around with no real power is poetic justice!

Suzi Riot said...

I always love your haikus, and these are exceptional!

Diva always has the greatest expressions on her face in pictures. She's quite the model.

Life As I Know It Now said...

Much love for the haikus today. Excellent stuff.

splord said...

Very nice!

By the way, if you can tear yourself away from The Facebook ( ;) ), I have tagged you.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Terrific haiku. The Republicans are driving my crazy. They refuse to take part in coming up with a compromise bill and then accuse Obama of lacking bipartisanship. Grrr.

Fran said...

generational theft- that ship had already sailed
GOP shoots itself in the foot
but Wall Street gets bailed

I think we will continue to see this trend of Obama reaching out, and GOP burning the bridge.
So they have achieved a bridge to nowhere.
They never saw a request for war money they did not approve.

Enough! If the economy tanked, then at least throw some to the people, whose money it is & have it go to attempt to do something good.

Christopher said...

Did you put purple eye shadow on Diva again, Mauigirl?

Shameful! LMAO!

Anonymous said...

Must support the troops!

Yeah. They said that, but in reality the Bush Administration spent squat. They've all but gutted Walter Reed Medical Center and the suicide rate for uniformed personnel is at an all time high. What's worse is that a report just came out (can't remember source) that says basic after-tour care of soldiers would have prevented many of the suicides.

Dorothy said...

I was amazed at how many people were off on Monday..why didn't I take a state or federal job the dam benefits are so much better then mine.

I'm tired of the whiners too however I am concerned about more soldiers being sent to yet another hot spot...I'm wondering do we need to consider the draft again our soldiers are showing many signs of fatigue....I hear it in my grandson's voice he's been to Iraq twice due home in March and is concerned they may deploy him again..

Dorothy from grammology

libhom said...

I love the one about wasteful spending and Iraq.

Faded said...

No right but their own
As Masters play their puppets
Slaves that love the chain

Mauigirl said...

Thanks for all your comments and, in Faded's case, haiku! I have been so busy this week I haven't had time to answer you individually! There are a couple I need to address though!

TheMom, this picture was not taken after a walk; it's one I already had, and is probably her "Aren't you going to play with me?" expression.

Christopher, I never put eye shadow on Diva; I have considered nail polish though...