Thursday, August 21, 2008

Haiku Thursday

I recently realized I had been neglecting my haiku posting. Since I don't have the energy for an insightful commentary on the political scene and others have provided excellent analyses of the Georgia-Russia debacle, today seemed like a good day for some haiku. So here goes:

Theories are rampant
Who will be the VP choice?
Obama's not telling us.

Could it be Biden?
How about Bill Richardson?
Maybe even Hillary?

Some say Sebelius
Others think it's Evan Bayh
Or perhaps Tim Kaine.

One thing is for sure
No one will be satisfied
Whoever is picked.

McCain is gaining
Barack was on vacation
Can't he take a break?

McCain's slinging mud
Using Rovian tactics
This is no surprise.

Polls are looking bad
But it's still the mid-summer
Time is on our side.

John is out to lunch
He's asked, How many houses?
He can't even say.

Russia makes the scene
Invading little Georgia
Which of course has oil.

Bush is blustering
McCain is following suit
Hypocrisy rules.

We invade Iraq
Now we tell them what to do?
Very ironic.

The world is turning
There's never a dull moment
Lots of blog fodder.

That's it for now. Happy Friday!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

This was fun. Now I see what you mean by political haiku.

I especially liked the one that starts "Bush is blustering."

Fran said...

Oh how I have missed this- you have mad haiku skillz Maugirl!

Christopher said...

Love the Haiku!

You can drop a Haiku on my crib anytime.

You know the URL.

Randal Graves said...

Dick ate his houses
was told humans were inside
oh, science gone wrong!

Comrade Kevin said...

Very amusing. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Capsulizing the news in a few words. Haiku at its best. Congrats on a job well done!

Mariamariacuchita said...

Blog fodder, HA!!
These are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Biden gets the nod
Will we finally rejoice over
A Vice-President without murderous vice?

Odessa said...

enjoyed all of them! bush is blustering indeed. keep the haikus coming.

Dorothy said...

This was great..and I'm so darn frustrated with our country and politics I could scream.
I'll be gone for a week and won't take my computer...although I done a few post...short and sweet...

I'll ponder who to vote for and be back..

Dorothy from grammology

Mauigirl said...

Hi all, glad you enjoyed the haiku fest!

Randal and JR, thanks for your contributions to the poetic effort!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm so late to comment!

These are great!