Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Scene at a Lebanese Restaurant in New Jersey


Mauigirl, three friends, and a Lebanese waitress.

Dialogue (as interpreted by Mauigirl).

Waitress to Friend #1: Would you like tea?

Friend #1: "Yes, please, with milk."

Waitress leaves. A few minutes later, she returns.

Waitress: "I'm very sorry, there is no milk. Do you still want tea?"

Friend #1: "No, thank you, not without the milk."

Waitress: "We have camel milk."

Friend #1: "No, that's OK, thanks anyway."

Mauigirl to Friend #1: "Maybe you should've tried it. How bad could it be? Of course, that's easy for me to say, I've never had camel milk!"

Friend #1: "You've never had chamomile tea?!"

Mauigirl: "Chamomile?! I thought she said CAMEL MILK!"

Hysterical laughter by other characters. (I was wrong, obviously).

Friend #2: "Will that be one hump or two?!"

More hysterical laughter by all four characters.

Hey, it was a LEBANESE restaurant. I thought they might import it or something. Aren't there camels in Lebanon?


Larry said...

Good Mauigirl, and I will be on the lookout the next time I eat out.

Fran said...

Oh that's good. Camel milk!

Anonymous said...

Speaking as Friend #2 it was a priceless moment!!! I might have cried AND peed in my pants!

Chris at 'Chrissie's Kitchen' said...

How very amusing! (Have just fallen into your blog, btw.)


Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Can I use this for a public speaking training?

Liz Hinds said...

That is a perfectly understandable mistake to make. You were in a a Lebanese restaurant as you say. And have you noticed the way young people these days don't speak clearly - or loudly - enough?! Not your fault at all!!!

(I'm laughing now sitting here, imagining it.)

Evil Spock said...

Evil Spock would try Camel milk.

Chamomile tea sounds disgusting though. . .

Mauigirl said...

Thanks, Larry and FranIam for your comments! Friend #2, me too!

Dcup, you are welcome to use this little story in any way you wish! Glad you liked it!

Lizzie, welcome! Thanks for your visit and hope you'll be back!

Liz, you are so right, it's definitely the way these young people mumble...

Evil Spock, chamomile tea is actually quite good late in the evening. With a little honey. But I would totally try camel's milk too.

Mary Ellen said...


LOL! I couldn't stop laughing when I read that. Thanks!!

Mary Ellen said...

Holy Cow Mauigirl! I just realized that I didn't have you on my blog roll! I thought I put it on there a long time ago, so either I did, but forgot to save it, or I'm losing my mind...which could be possible. Sorry-it's up there now. Honest, I just checked!

I can't believe I screwed up (slinking away....)

Mauigirl said...

Hi Mary Ellen! Thanks so much for putting me on your blogroll! ;-)

Anonymous said...

That's pretty damn good. I imagined a beige liquid, kind of like coffee with a ton of cream in it.

I was right there with you. I'm sure someone has milked a camel, and thinks it's delicious.

Hell, people eat goat cheese, and that stuff is toxic.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I'm laughing, but I've been there too many times myself! I have a horrible time with accents. I'm a Mich. native, now living in S.C. When I first got here, I went into a restaurant, and asked about a menu item: "Oh, that's far roasted, Sir."
"You mean you hold the meat away from the fire?"
"No Sir. It's just Far roasted."

We went back and forth until somebody at another table took pity on my Yankee soul and explained that meant FIRE roasted!:)

Mary Ellen said...

the future was yesterday-

The whole time I was reading that, I had no idea what 'far' was! LOL! This is too funny.

Like you, I'm terrible with accents and I am so embarrassed when I have to ask more than once what they are saying. That's why I hate going to nail salons, most of them are Asian and I can't understand a single thing they are saying. I'm afraid I'm going to end up with 5 inch long nails with jewel studs. It's even worse when they try to have a little chat with me and I can't figure out what the heck they're saying. I can imagine they think I'm just an idiot!

Mauigirl said...

Fairlane, naturally I had to Google camel milk after this incident (I'm anal like that) and amazingly, camel milk is real - there are people who are selling it! I like the idea of that coffee with lots of cream in it. I'd buy it!

Future, LOL about "far roasted." Those accents sure are hard to make out.

Mary Ellen, I know just what you mean. I get pedicures in the summer and go to a lovely Korean lady named Lee. She is always trying to converse with me and I never understand what she says and it's so mortifying. She's cool about it, though. We're both happy when understanding dawns on my part!

TomCat said...

Classic, Maui!

I would have been afraid to order camel milk. The way Crawford Caligula does things, I might end up behind the wire for supporting terrorism.

Mauigirl said...

Tomcat, you have a point there! I can just see it..."We're identifying the terrorists by who is buying camel milk in the U.S. Round up the usual suspects!"

Odessa said...

Too funny! I too would like to try camel milk!

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