Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Cat's Eye View

Baxter here. I am So Embarrassed.  My Female Human has added a "Donate" button to the sidebar of My Blog. (Yes, I know technically it is Her Blog, but I consider Myself the Key Contributor. Everyone always praises My Posts most Highly).

My Human explained to Me that her Unemployment is running out and she has No Desire to go Back to the Corporate World to make Real Money. It would involve her getting Dressed, and leaving the House at the same time Every Day. And maybe even buying New Clothes. And let's face it, she HAS been applying to Numerous Jobs that might have paid at least a Decent Amount, and No One wants her! People, she is No Spring Chicken. They don't want Old People like her.

So, in Addition to doing Proofreading and other paying tasks at Home, she will Depend on the Kindness of Strangers. Yes, Strangers. She doesn't want to make her Friends or Fellow Struggling Bloggers feel they should send any Money; she is Hoping Random Strange People may stop by and suddenly feel Generous. As the saying goes, You Never Know.

But as a Cat, I find it Humiliating to be putting that Button out there. We Cats are Very Independent. Plus we can catch Mice to live. (True, I have never actually caught a Mouse, but it could Happen.)

Now mind you, if my Human doesn't start Blogging more often and with Greater Effort, No One will ever donate to her Blog. So I suggest she let Me on here MUCH more often so something can Get Done from time to time. Personally, I consider this an Experiment. If it doesn't add anything to Life then the Button will be gone! I will make sure of it! I am. What a Mess this Republican primary process is in! Mitt Romney was supposed to be the Front-Runner. But now he is falling Behind! According to Gallup, Romney is actually trailing Santorum on a National Basis.Who'd 'a thunk it?

Well, he hasn't exactly endeared Himself to his home state of Michigan. A couple of years ago he wrote in an Op-Ed article in the NY Times that the US Government shouldn't Bail Out American Auto Companies. And worse yet, he titled it Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.

OK, you may Say, but that was two years ago, maybe he Changed his Mind since then? Nope. Ten days ago he wrote another op-ed, this time in The Detroit News, calling the Bailouts "Crony Capitalism." He Castigated President Obama for not Standing Up to the Unions. Of course, lots of people in the Michigan area are part of Unions. Somehow, this does not seem like a Wise Policy to have when you are trying to Win a Primary in Michigan.

It also doesn't Help that Romney keeps talking about how Rich he is. Like yesterday, at that Debacle of a Speech in the Huge Stadium with Hardly Anyone There, he referred to the fact that his wife and he own 4, count 'em, 4, Cars -- including two Cadillacs. While this Alone should not be a Big Problem, it is just one of a Long Line of Remarks Romney has made that show he is Out of Touch with Average Americans, who can't afford four Cars and two Homes as the Romneys do. The Michigan Primary will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 28, so We Shall See What Happens. According to two New Polls, Romney is now Ahead of Santorum in Michigan.

As a Cat, I really don't Like either of the Leading Candidates. And even though I am No Fan of Dogs, it does Rub my Fur the Wrong Way to think about Romney putting his Dog in a carrier on Top of his Station Wagon for a 12-hour Drive from Massachusetts to Canada. And apparently there is even More to It than I had Heard. The Dog got, um, the Runs, while in the Container and they stopped and Romney Hosed him and the Crate Down before Heading Back onto the Road.

There are even Stories that, unlike What We Have Been Told about Seamus the Dog living to a Ripe Old Age, actually he Took Off when they reached Canada and was never seen again! More here! The incident will Not Go Away, and has Spawned a Whole Bunch of Groups, led by Dogs Against Romney, founded in 2007. On Facebook their site is the largest, but not the Only One.

In the Meantime, Santorum has been, as they say, Surging, and I am Tired of the Man already. I am not going to Get Into the whole War On Women's Bodies thing that is Going On in the GOP these days. I'll leave that to my Female Human, who has a Lot More at Stake in this than I do.

So that's my Take on Things for Today. I'll be back Very Soon. In the meantime, take the Time to Sniff the Catnip and don't let this Political Stuff ruin your Day. I know I never let it ruin Mine!


Sherry Peyton said...

Glad you're doing well Baxter. I know you have a tough time with the dog and all. And hey, no harm in asking for some dough. I do it. Not that I am an example of finding that a means of livelihood. I have garnered nary a dime but it looks professional! lol...Hope life is treatin' ya kind Mimi. Best!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Dexter: get used to the button or stfu. Times are HARD.

Michigan. I'm from there. Let me tell you a little about "cronyism" Hundreds of thousands were working, with benefits. When they got home, they got a phone call - telling them NOT to come to work tomorrow. Working one day, jobless the next.

GM shed all responsibility for health care, pensions, etc The UAW picked it all up - and started cutting. Vision care - gone. Dental care - gone. And for good measure, they cut my penion 450$, and my prescription costs soared from 20$ a month, to 1,200$ a quarter.

Leave Santorum alone. He's a lot easier for the lying halfbreed to beat than the moron.

Kulkuri said...

Mitt's father's fatal mistake in politics was saying he'd been brainwashed on Vietnam. That means Mitt can never admit he was wrong about anything.

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups of which Michigan has more than it's share!!

Fran said...

I'll be darned! I thought your pet human chose to retire... so being on unemployment is news to me.
Well, anyhoo, we are in a limbo state-- the husband's workplace said they will shut down most of the facility-- announced in Aug 2011, but there would be an official WARN act announcement 60 days prior to job loss. First they thought Jan 2012, then March, then June maybe.... imagine how strange it is for workers to be in this suspended employment mode.
ow does one find motivation?

But on the flip side the longer he can work the better. WE are socking away mortgage & car payments, knowing at some point the shut down will happen. Lately they keep asking him if he would relocate to the midwest to a place I call the "industrial armpit". Yucky weather, heavy pollution and a higher unemployment rate (cause I'd need to find a job). After the 4th time they asked him, he said maybe for 1 million dollars (he actually told a company official that!).
He don't come cheap & that was a "maybe".
Truth be known is the new location pays less. We'd be fish out of water, as we live in a libral' college town in a Blue State. Culture shock!
Anyhoo-- my theory on the GOP primaries is that most are disgusted w the whole lot of them & many are not even showing up to vote, choosing between bad & worse. Turn out is very low, But as much as there is chatter about Sancimonious Santorum surging (gag cough spittle), he really has a small amount of #'s in the delegate votes & the least amount of $ in his coffers. So what does thar say when Ron Paul has more financial backers?? Other pundits say they would LOVE for Obama to run against Santorum because it would make his win sooooo easy. BUT I don't want to gamble with having a total nutcase be in the running in the final election (remember how freaky it was to have Palin in the VP slot???) They are all jokers and clowns, but Santorum's platform (against women's rights) is a fixation & he'd be hellbent on reversing Roe v Wade rather then jobs, education, equal rights/civil rights and infrastructure. So there's that. He's so far right end of the spectrum he's off the deep end. Besides if they are looking for a moderate, there is already one in office now!

Mauigirl said...

Fran, the situation was that I took a retirement package that was offered. I wasn't sure if I was going to be eligible for unemployment, but figured I'd give it a try and was approved! Baxter and I agree with you that as much as we THINK Obama would be a shoo-in over Santorum, the idea of ANY possibility of having this nutcase in the White House would be to great a risk. Sorry to hear your husband is in that limbo; you're right, it is very hard to stay motivated in that kind of situation.

Kulkuri, yes, I remember that happening to George Romney. You're right, that is probably why he can't admit he is wrong. Just read an interesting article about him, said he takes after his mother more than his father. She actually ran for Senate at one time, I didn't realize.

Future, you are right, that really sucks, what GM did. It's the worst thing to cut their pensioners' benefits, because they/you retired counting on them and have no way of making up the difference.

Sherry, thanks for the encouragement. As you said, it makes it look professional even if it doesn't garner much in the way of income! :-)

Mauigirl said...

Oops, "too" great a risk. I never can stand not correcting a typo!

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Kathi said...

Baxter, the Gannon cats are anxiously awaiting your next column. They are your biggest fans.

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